Author website leads to awesome novel about invisible drug pins in Indpls

Author website leads to awesome novel about invisible drug pins in Indpls

That first link connects you directly to a means of buying a great novel.  Not only do you get a fantastic read, but you know you are supporting an artist.  “Living the dream” only works when there are plenty of customers.

Anyways, everyone hates that stressed out desperate sales person – have you ever seen that?  I have.  There are sales people who carefully get people what they want or need, ones who make other people buy – regardless of whether it is right or wrong, and people who are afraid of getting others to buy anything. 

Let’s recap here on places you can find my work online.  – this is my first attempt at ‘branding myself’.  I’m not sure how many of you are into the development of professionals over time, but that’s one that I made up rather than what the publisher came up with.  This link offers more writing samples, including my original graduate school research.  This was a situation where I was trying to make something more co-ed, but the status quo seemed to want to make me have it be ‘for women only’ which was not at all what I wanted or intended for it.  I feel screwed up about that, because if I had been comfortable with the idea of the whole thing being just for women, I would have been happier with the results and had an unquestionably Master’s rather than a politically divisive Postgraduate Diploma with MA offered.  That’s just one of the varied and sundry samples there.  I have continued to be active but the content there hasn’t changed much during the past couple of years.