Englisch in Deutschland = English in Germany 2014

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Suche Buchhandlungen zum besser verkaufen Buechlein und, in die Zukunft, Romanen das ich bin Autorin ob.
In die Anfang, diesem muss Englisch Sprache stellen. Wann moeglich bekommen ist, dann vielleicht die Verlager uberstetzen wollen aber das ist die Hoffnung fuer die Zukunft.




Sunday ‘Sun daze’? 2013

Once people have been alive for a few years they may develop routine behaviors.  This can be good or bad, depending on other factors.  Many enjoy their Sunday routines and for most of us, in the very long run, they change at least a couple of times. 

During good days – Sunday routines are nice.  During bad times, they can turn into Sundaze: the parents or the kids want it, but someone else in the family doesn’t. …or people had to work that year instead of going to church, or people went to church hung over and felt dazed that way.

Anyway, just felt like acknowledging all of those feelings and kinds of challenges people may be dealing with on any given Sunday.

As for myself, I didn’t make church but did have a really nice brunch and chat with the 18 year old young man (cusp of boy to man, starter man…) this morning.  This one is my only child and only son.  My older brother is an only son but not an only child: big difference.

Kaleidescopic Autumnal 2013 in a German Village

Well, Saxony.  From where I come from, it seemed like a mythical place trapped in time.  Around here it is just a human settlement done mainly in brick and farming where the people are not very outgoing, but if you approach them they will usually give you a straight answer in the German language.  If you speak German it is clear that they are being clear but if you don’t it mainly sounds like they are coughing or about to spit even when in good health.  That’s actually just what German sounds like.   So, this is contemporary Saxony.  Most live in cities, but I have become ‘a horse petter’ as I am in the countryside.   That wasn’t even my own horse, just one of the locals.

Horses, if you didn’t know, are very curious about the odors to be found on bicycles.  They are very curious about them or interested, or see them as a plot against horse back riding but less dangerous than cars.  I don’t know the horse point of view, so I can only speculate.

Writing contracts:  Like so many professions there can be a lot of money in it, but for the majority of people there isn’t.  Most writers who earn a decent living do so in one of the two following ways:  1) they have a day job, or 2) they are in house writers who write lots of pieces their management told them to write because management has to produce enough stuff to make the business earn money and the way to do that is to let the writers write some pieces they like and make the writers do a lot of writing they don’t want to do at all but will do it because they want to pay their bills and not be fired by their management.

Then there are the ones who actually get enough pay doing it how they prefer.  Such people are either very generous or exceptionally adept at finding the paying projects much like the better fishermen really get better results.  There are also those who do get enough work but it never pays well.  Such people are often like all of the other working poor who at least get low pay and meager livings doing something they like alright rather than bad pay for work they have to do even though they don’t like it. 

I think that sums that up nicely.  If it seemed to you as if the horse sniffed  your bicycle, that is probably what really happened.

Women’s Luncheons in The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead

The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead

One of the major characters in The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead is a woman.  Her name is Talitha; no last name is ever given.  She is named after much younger woman I met in real life and there is really almost no other resemblance between them beyond that they are both human females.  The real person is a woman I cared for professionally for a few months while she was a teen.  I actually liked her.  Because I did, I went so far as to name a fiction character after her.  The bad news is, the character I named after her is not very nice.

Women’s Lunch Group

My intention was to explain that the fictional character was included in a neighborhood women’s luncheon group.  At the women’s group – somewhat hoity toity of a very middle class crowd, but not the lower middle class if you get my meaning.  They were not trying to be snobs about it, but their main focus was on having a good neighborhood.  Most of the ladies in the group are married women, but Talitha was not.  She had been but did not have custody of either or her two children.  The other women knew it was a sore point with her and so they didn’t talk about it much.

Double Life

Well, truth be told, Talitha has as much of a double life as Tutweiler Buckhead in the novel for similar sorts of reasons – criminal activities.  For Talitha, it comes down to maintaining the lifestyle in which she was raised which turned out to be different to achieve than she had anticipated growing up.  It means a great deal to her that the other women in the neighborhood have no idea of her criminal activities at all but are very aware that her front lawn is well tended, and that she is well groomed and well dressed.  If anything, that is the real message as experienced by this lady who helps a few men solve a serious crime problem in Indianapolis, despite being crooked herself.

Excited?  Curious?  Buy yours today:  The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead

Why I didn’t blog yesterday – I was with Gezka & Kiel

Apologies to anyone who feels even remotely offended or neglected from the absence of a blog post. 

After a few days of having neglected them, I finally wrote through another couple of days of the Gezka and Kiel science fiction novel. 

Right now, there is a debate about whether to call the novel and the mercenary order that Gezka and Kiel lead ‘The Children of Loki’ or ‘The Black Hawk Mercenary Order’.   Both are good for pretty different reasons.  With Loki’s children it is obviously a mythological reference whereas Black Hawk helicopters are world famous for their usefulness in war in the present day and doubling as a predatory bird.  Well now that I’ve spelled out the obvious, I’m not sure what else to write.

I worked on the novel for a few hours yesterday but not until evening instead of during normal work hours.

Blog negligence and the names of thespians

At some point today I realized that I had neglected to blog to you all yesterday.   When you actually like the blog then I do feel a bit guilty about neglecting to do it. 

At some point today I saw …well I saw people who’s organizations have bigger advertising budgets than I do: I saw actual Monster Trucks and I saw a billboard sporting Captain America.  This happened to me in a German village, not an American village loaded with ethnic Germans, but a village in Germany that has been bombarded by American cultural icons – I even saw some German home flying one of our American flags this morning!! 

I have an American flag because I am an American citizen and so is my son and I want us to both remember that.  Given that, I’m sure that American readers can see why I felt flavored Frosty weird – cold in the chest from too much at once, Germans sporting our flags in their own towns as fashion or extra-cultural fidelity. 

One of the Germans who’s English is good who spoke to me a couple of years ago ‘dared’ to tell me that “Germany is a satellite state of the USA” borrowing terminology I learned from that whole Soviet – DDR ‘satellite state’ thing, and this German knew that was how I’d learned it, and that WAS what he meant….Only his Germany is OUR satellite state, not THEIRS.

Well, I have no idea what the actual name is of the actor who is Captain America in those movies but that’s how it goes for thespians who make their money pretending to be who they are not…but at least they are not pretending that is not what they are doing like millions of employees who really do suffer from that specific type of psycho-social pain…The pain of not being oneself at work.

What, me the bad guy?

Tutweiler Buckhead did not think of himself as being any kind of villain.  The only exception might be during a bad moment at work or during some emotional epiphany during a certain type of rock n roll tune.  He thought of himself as a gentleman and as being a pretty nice man: a good guy.  Mr. Buckhead worked in corporate America and in that respect he was a little bit ‘hard driving’ but not beyond what was normal in the social working realm he found himself in.  He just worked in downtown Indianapolis, up on the 30th floor of an office building.  After 15 years of hard and steady work he had an office with a window and a decent 401K.  The salary was enough for him to drive a sports car, but if he wanted anything extreme he had to go to the Indy 500.  He was doing well, or at least, he thought he was.  He made a good manager: both men and women liked working with him.  Women liked him and found him attractive – of course he was glad of that.   You know how at work not everyone is very ‘open’?  Professionally, being reserved is often more acceptable than it is at the bar, even for women.  Tutweiler Buckhead knew he was a little reserved.  What he didn’t know, was that he had habitiuated himself to being so reserved that it blended right into his leading a lifestyle which – by some standards was really ‘a double life’.  He didn’t even know.  He had rationalized it away for so many years that he sort of forgot all about it.  He told lies to keep his secrets with the same attitude with which he tied his ties and ironed his shirts.  It wasn’t quite true that he had nothing to hide.  Everyone has rules they care about and ones that are meaningless.  Tutweiler did not agree with legal policies about some of the drugs but he kept that to himself at work – of course.  Tutweiler had grown into the role of being the one to supply a considerable number of people in Indianapolis with cocaine and meth amphetamine: just a stimulant man.  He didn’t really think about much, except that he always protected himself from the law and from any prying eyes.  It had really just helped him to grow as a man into feeling socially popular and a centerpiece of parties around the city.   By day, at work it was a deep dark secret and at night it kept him popular and provided a second stream of income.  Some of it just covered his own use.  He felt that the trick about addictions is that: as long as the people don’t run out of it, there is no problem.  He noticed that it was the same with legal things and how much people joked about being addicted to cars or to work or to their lovers.   Tutweiler hid this of course, because there were people who thought he was a bad guy, ‘just because of that’, which was so true that the Sheriff was trying to find out who he was and how to stop him.