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Today’s local weather is really nice for this time of year.  It was well above freezing and none of that crazy intense wind.  If the god Thor is behind thunder, is Loki another weather pattern, and is he a hellish storm or fierce wind? 

The desktop photo is of Englishman Tom Hiddleston dressed up as Loki.  The photo today is of Loki in bondage, before he gets sent to prison in a sort of ‘room with books’ because the goddess Frigg prevented him from being murdered or something really heinous, because of the hideous things he had done.  I hear Tom does not like the god, mainly because he would like to be a good guy, and likes gods he can trust.  I personally never liked the evil version of Loki but I’m a big fan of him as a great mage and impressive entity and charming and well known amongst the ladies.  Heck, he even gets some credit with respect to the interstellar mercenaries I am still trying to finish and have published and have sell well.  I tinkered around with mentioning him or not mentioning him in relation to it.  It is just that the head and neck of the mercenary order is such a bizarre combination of forces that do not usually mix in the fictional realm in which they emerge that they ended up connected to Loki.  Because I read the Norse myths in English translations as a child due to some Swedish ancestry, I had heard of him before I saw him as a comic book villain or movie-deity. 

I don’t always plan out the details of what I am going to blog about and hence, some posts meander.  What I did want to mention to you all is that I have learned that it is not possible to re-copy and re-paste many images that can be copied and posted once: for example, from a Facebook post to the desktop.  I get almost all my desktop images from Facebook.  Heck, within the past couple of weeks someone sent me a photo of a cow lying on the front of a car for the warmth.  OMG!!  A large Canadian moose, a bear by my cousin’s home, some Tibetan clerics (HHK 17 & TS#12!), and movie stars dressed up as Thor and Loki have shown up as desktop images culled from images sent to me by others.  I cannot re-post the images at this blog.  That was my point.

Halloween 2013

Thanks again to all of you read the blog, share it with friends, etc..  Thanks also to each of you who have bought any of my products. 

Right now, those of you who have been reading regularly know that here in Germany, although they are increasingly aware of Halloween they are not very into it.  Here in Saxony, which may or may not be at all like the rest of Germany, they are into the Harvest season.  As only 15% of Germans live in the countryside, it may be that I am writing to you from an unusual situation, where the local farmers have every reason to celebrate the seasons.

Halloween: being an American who spent most of my life living in the USA – at least at age 45 that is the truth, I learned about it at a young age.  We learned to wear costumes and knock on the doors of those living in our neighborhoods and say “Trick or treat!”  Which really means:  Give us a treat, or we’ll give you a trick.  In reality, it isn’t that nice.  A lot of the days after Halloween, there were eggs smashed against cars, pumpkins that were assaulted by people dissatisfied by the offerings, and other relatively minor harm done by ‘tricks’ dished out by those ‘Trick or Treaters’.  

I was one of the many good kids, who just politely asked for a treat and was grateful.  Where I grew up only in good years was it warm enough out for anyone to see anything of the costumes that wasn’t the head or the feet. 

I went home and had more candy in less time that throughout the entire rest of the year.  Like most kids, I also traded sorted Halloween candy.

As an adult and as a child, in especially fortunate years I either attended or even hostessed-attended an actual Halloween party. 

As a mother, my son has now outgrown Trick or Treating until he becomes a father or escort to some children.  We went out together – one or both of us in costume, for years.  I remember the year he was so grown up he went out without me or his father. 

Whereas my birthday occurs as people are getting back to normal after the Christmas-New Year’s extravaganza, my son just had his birthday as the energy of Halloween is mounting.

Timing & Nonsequiters

The timing on the creation and delivery of this blog post is the topic of today’s post.  Yesterday, I accidentally didn’t blog and when I looked into why that might have been I realized that it was because I began the process hours earlier than I do on most days.  At that time I decided that since it was such a different time from when I usually do the daily blog post, that I wouldn’t do it.  Because I did not do it then, I ended up forgetting to do it later. 

That made it so that this morning, I felt like I should just write the blog when I have it in mind.  That way I won’t forget about it.

Timing for blogging:  I noticed that for the past few years most of the time that I blog occurs within a 3 hour window – time that before Gen Y, was known as ‘prime time’ for TV shows. 

Not being an expert on the culture of bloggers and blogging, I don’t know what % of bloggers create their posts at the same time each day, if only to be reliable to their readers.

The best I can hope for from blogging at this odd time – it is morning on a breezy day, is that some new people will find the blog and more regular readers will still find it and read it.

Thursday 2013 : ‘Writer’s Digest’ (not allowed due to copyright laws)

It is windy and cooler again in Saxony today. 

As an author and writer, how has today been so far?  It has been emotional, with some hope of landing more clients and going through a very difficult transition because of the need to actually do new things or to re-apply behaviors to help market two of the works of which I am the author, when more could really use it. 


Late September 2013: Kaleidescopic (nonlinear relations)

I was mildly shocked the day – a couple of weeks ago now, when the Monster Trucks and a billboard of Captain America were both in a small German village at the same time that I was at the bank.  I don’t find either shocking in the USA, nor their conjunction, but in real life in a village in Germany I was still shocked.  That is how far into the Germans, aspects of American culture have reached. 

Today in Germany, where I was, the weather has cooled but was intriguing compared what I used to be used to.   Much of the day was completely overcast with grey rain clouds, but then there was a burst of rain.  After that, fine blue skies, plenty of bright sunshine and a buoyant sensation. 

Today, it crossed my mind that writers, like everyone else, are real people.  I don’t like to only write nor to spend all my time this way or that way.  I like some variety in my life even though I also like stability and security.   People can be a joy or a trying experience – it just depends on so much else.