Thursday, shortly after Christmas 2013

One question is always about ‘narrative voice’ for writers.  This is the case both when it comes to writing nonfiction and fiction.  This issue can be a little complex mainly due to two or three closely related factors.  Finding, nurturing and using one’s unique voice is especially important for singers and writers.  Of course it matters for people in general, but there is a lot of talk about it for singers and writers.

With writers, it is a little trickier in that publications often have their own established style and want their writers to fit in.  Also, ghostwriters may be asked to hide their own voice or to deny that it is themselves, because the ghostwriter is often not the official author.  There are gracious and generous authors who do give their ghostwriter some degree of credit for their help.  Ghostwriting is not authoring because ghostwriters write for a fee some work that he or she would not have written on their own.  A ghostwriter may handle only a small amount of the work or do the vast majority and often it is in between. 

To completely change the subject: many people who have guests in from out of town for this holiday still have them there whereas others have said goodbye.  Either way, the energy has shifted, since most of the Christmas presents for this year have not been given and received and there has been some level of feedback about them. 

Out there somewhere in it all, are the voices of the writers who wrote articles for this season that have appeared throughout the world.  Some wrote the article last Summer, or half a year ago.  Others dug out something years old and managed to sell it to a magazine this year.  There are many that were written this year, shortly before the holiday but more were prepared months in advance than I had ever realized when I was young. 

Somewhere, for people we may or may not know, this week he or she discovered that unique artistic ‘voice’ for the first time.  Maybe it was a poem or a short story or essay or novel, but there it is and the author is transformed.

Congratulations to everyone who has found that creative voice.