Germany and the USA

Today is going to be mainly links. Spending time anyplace can go well or badly or a bit of both. It often depends on a variety of factors.

Like so many of you, for whatever reasons I had some online activity. Amongst it all, have been videos. Today I will share the links to a few of these. Thanks to all readers, but also to the folks out there who decided to try making the videos and sharing them with the rest of us. As it turns out, despite other efforts, the most watched video I have made is this one. In some ways the situation has not improved since then but in some respects it has. My life was not a constant flow of happy happy joy joy back in my native country either. Sometimes I get my way on what matters most to me and only some of the time do I get my way without guilt and without being punished for doing so.

The Old New Rush – circa 1990 / #12 ?!… called a Tai Situpa

This was when at least one of Alex’s elder offspring was old enough that he is rumored to have been the kid in this video. Now a man in his 30s.

Welcome to this year 2013. Either it will be comforting or will make it worse knowing that the man in this video has been in the same line of work about as long as his more famous dominant quasi-partner the 14th Dalai Lama.

I still practice the boring old 10 Commandments that Moses the Jew swore he got from God about 3000 years ago. You probably do to.