Uranian Fiction

What is it?

In truth, Uranian Fiction is what I first imagined as the brand name for my professional fiction.  It crossed my mind that it might end up being the name of my first publishing company…now and then I wondered whether I would have to create a publishing company to release my works.

Other Ideas

I went and did some kind of web search, and found out that it might be possible to misconstrue Uranian Fiction as meaning LBGT, or lesbian oriented fiction, a subset of women’s literature.

Updated Version

Here is a link to the blog post Uranian Fiction

Uranian Fiction – what is it?

Hi everyone, here is today’s anecdotal tale from my real life.  A few years ago now, it came to me to try ‘branding’ my creative fiction.  For some reason, rather than just using my name Miriam Pia, I chose Uranian Fiction.  It seemed to fit.  It came to me much like the names of bands come to musicians I think.  It may fly, it may flop. 

In truth, the same could be said of my name.  That is my real name but also only my maiden name.  Whether you think it is sad, scandalous, glamorous, impressive, or random chaos: I have married a Larrison, and we each kept using the surnames we already had.  I really like the name Larrison and practiced using it.  So, that isn’t why I didn’t change it.  A few years later, he was no longer my husband.  A few years after that I married an Okrongli.  Neither of us changed our surnames legally but we both used the two surnames that we gave to our son.  Pia – Okrongli.  It made it so we could invoke the old surname and include one another’s.  Notice that otherwise this would have meant: Larrison – Okrongli.  Some years later, both of the adults involved discontinued to using both our surnames together but our child still has both surnames on all of his American and British legal documents and I have no wish to change that.  Another few years later and I married a Smith.  I think that is the most boring surname on Earth and did not choose to ever use it.  Maybe I will use it as part of a pseudonym for a short story someday.  He has not been my husband for a while now again either.  That would have been either Larrison-Okrongli-Smith, or just Smith, or Pia-Smith, or Okrongli-Smith otherwise.  Now, who am I?  I feel like a ma,e puzzle game at that point, instead of just like a woman. 

Puzzle games and laughter and tears aside, Uranian Fiction is the umbrella name for my the fiction that I author, by whatever name.  There have been days when I wondered whether Uranian Fiction is going to end up being the name of the micro-publishing company I use to release my creative fiction or something else.

For now, it is the title of a website.  I have broken my own rule and included some of the nonfiction creative writing that I have done there, believing that I will specialize the sites later on, with Uranian Fiction harboring only the fiction and the nonfiction have some other label – maybe my name. 

Author website leads to awesome novel about invisible drug pins in Indpls

Author website leads to awesome novel about invisible drug pins in Indpls

That first link connects you directly to a means of buying a great novel.  Not only do you get a fantastic read, but you know you are supporting an artist.  “Living the dream” only works when there are plenty of customers.

Anyways, everyone hates that stressed out desperate sales person – have you ever seen that?  I have.  There are sales people who carefully get people what they want or need, ones who make other people buy – regardless of whether it is right or wrong, and people who are afraid of getting others to buy anything. 

Let’s recap here on places you can find my work online.  http://uranianfiction.com/  – this is my first attempt at ‘branding myself’.  I’m not sure how many of you are into the development of professionals over time, but that’s one that I made up rather than what the publisher came up with. 

http://www.scribd.com/MiriamSPia  This link offers more writing samples, including my original graduate school research.  This was a situation where I was trying to make something more co-ed, but the status quo seemed to want to make me have it be ‘for women only’ which was not at all what I wanted or intended for it.  I feel screwed up about that, because if I had been comfortable with the idea of the whole thing being just for women, I would have been happier with the results and had an unquestionably Master’s rather than a politically divisive Postgraduate Diploma with MA offered.  That’s just one of the varied and sundry samples there.  I have continued to be active but the content there hasn’t changed much during the past couple of years. 

Getting used to the 21st Century

Here we are in the Information Age with an International Space Station and the recent retirement of the Space Shuttle program.  Curiosity has made it to Mars and the photos were available on the Internet in less than 24 hours of when NASA scientists received the information. 

On a personal level, I have one of the same questions that everyone else using a PC [may or may not be a laptop] has: what is the best way for me to use this thing? 

As an author who does not have the budget to take myself all over the world attending writer’s conferences and bank rolling marketing campaigns for the books, one of the main reasons for using the Internet is to meet other people in the industry for career development and also to find and meet the people who would enjoy being ….well, perhaps ‘fans of my work’ is the correct phrase.  I feel a bit weird about that, just because I don’t mean to offend any of you and I’m just this person, same as you are. 

Today, all I can do is urge you to visit Uranian Fiction websites and check out my works.  With any luck, you and your friends will pre-order from Alethia publishing or use Amazon to click and buy a book that I actually wrote which is for sale – in a way that I will actually get paid for the work involved in putting that stuff together. 

Keeping the Internet in perspective is an issue which has now been around for 20 years or so.  Annually, I ask myself about how I use the computer.  Like so many of you I have used a PC on and off since the late 1980s but the way that I do has changed over the years.  It may well continue to do so.

The main reason I am stopping is that blog posts that run over 400 words start to seem like they might be ‘getting too long’.

Uranian Fiction – Ideas about ‘branding’

Uranian Fiction – Ideas about ‘branding’

Good to have you reading ‘me’ again today!  The weather here is above freezing.  A baked good is in the oven – as well as being the Mother Mim to a 17 year old with a starter moustache [like the protagonist in the movie Eragon] I’ve also been making efforts to grow some kind of career.  The link above is about that.  As mentioned before, without readers, it doesn’t really matter if someone writes a good story….at least, it doesn’t matter as much or the same way. 

Uranian Fiction is an attempt to ‘brand’ myself.  Given what has happened so far from coming up with it, I wonder whether or not it is a good idea.  It was chosen mainly because it felt right and sounded good: similar to what rock bands do. 

Are artists ever branded?  No, not the way cattle are, but the way people buy brand names.  You know, Sherlock Holmes is playing here at home and off hand, I suddenly wonder if there are acting professionals who feel like a given production company has taken them over.  Much like marriage it could be good or bad or both – depending on the situation. 

My apologies if this is coming across as a bit too flaky today.  I’m going to end with an extremely brief poem:

Humidity brings out elves Wherever there is enough forest – or at least moss

German dairy cattle

A car


Sore muscles

A goat.

Uranian Fiction – Why a business name and not just Miriam Pia?

Uranian Fiction, some of you already know, is the name of the organization under which all of the fiction I write finds shelter from the rain, or the fallout, and can feel like it ‘fits in’ or ‘belongs’. 

Sadly, this does leave the nonfiction feeling socially awkward, or leaves me feeling a little awkward about the nonfiction works – there is some. 

In other fields many business owners create separation of their private personal identities and their businesses even though there is an intimate personal connection between them.

Everyone needs to have a healthy ego, and yet ‘ego’ is also notorious for interfering in people’s learning what they need to know. 

Some artists use pseudonyms.

I feel that when I am not ghostwriting, and sometimes even when I do that, there is a distinctive literary voice, or more than one, that are ‘really me’.  At the same time, I do not like to limit myself to one genre or form of work.  Also, my adolescence was spent with the daily background anxiety of nuclear proliferation and the constant need to focus on mass scale human compassion as being key to being alive 25 years later in a world that is not post-nuclear apocolyptic in nature.  Due to that, there is a sense of intimacy with Uranium – which in and of itself is just an element and was not out there trying to be lethal, if you know what I mean.  Poking some fun at this, and honoring ‘the personal power of the artist’ has to do with why I call my work Uranian Fiction.  Apologies for those who hoped it was LBGT, but fear not, now and then there probably will be an LBGT character in my work. 

Lastly, or not, we are living on a planet in outer space and nearby we have planet uranus.  In truth, it is just unique, like all the others…yet that uniqueness makes it unlike all the others. 

Check out Uranian Fiction!  http://www.amazon.com/An-Adventure-in-Indianapolis-ebook/dp/B001F0QG7U