Lokal Dezember 2013

Heute bevor das geschreiben hatte, hab ich gesehen eine perfekte Moment fuer die Blog.

Today, before I am blogging about it, there was a moment perfect to blog about.  In this case it has to do with having referred to the little German village I’m in as a form of Saxon Paradise.  There were simply two women in the field nearest to where I live with horses.  One was middle aged and the other was slightly older.  Since I’m a hetero woman (I’m straight but not strict) I was not devastated that they were not 20 years old, svelt and in string bikinis in the nearest field with horses.  I just found it charming and beautiful: moments of care free fun here in the countryside.  Typical women & horses stuff, for all the equestrians out there.

The local weather was well above freezing today which is sad for those who love the snow, but great for those who have to move around out there in it.  Around here, the snows come – actually during the Winter.

This is after all, the very last day of Autumn and either the shortest day of the year, or the day before the shortest day of the year. 

I just used “local and December” in German because you can still get them right if you speak English.  Not all the words that look alike are like that.

Christmas decor is up locally.  We have everything here from passionate Christians to the descendants of the people who fought to the bitter end to keep their pagan harvest festivals over some invasion Jewish Rabbi in long arduous and excruciating battles over 1000 years ago.

In reality, the local farmers are often at least nominally Christian in that they strongly prefer it when neighbors don’t steal from them but will mow their part of the lawn and mind their children.  Most of them know compassion and all of that Christian stuff.  Given that, they might never have understood why the invading cleric-soldiers speaking languages they did not know, interpreted the Harvest fest as a pagan goddess ritual, but feminists love the idea that Winter Solstice is a pagan goddess festival, and why not?

Is that just you? Have I been read or heard? Have you? 2013

So many people nowadays post information online at various locations.  I read something somewhere about people giggling over comments they have written or posted.  I think another lady wrote it. 

Mainly, what I’m getting at is that in my own case I think some of that stems  from the confusion about whether or not I’ve been read.  Until or unless people send me feedback, determining whether or not anyone has read something I have written is almost as challenging as a form of divination.  Was just that I thought about something that I wrote, or was it that one person read it and gave it a little bit of thought, or tens or even hundreds of people read it and all gave it a moment of thought? 

Being a writer by trade, much as I strove to have a day job in a different field – I tried to become a woman working as a philosophy teacher at a university somewhere, and even tried convenient store management as another alternative…as a writer getting read and having people willingly buy stuff I wrote and reading it and really really liking it ….Liking it the way people love a good read or a great movie…is the other half of the reality of writing…Reading.

Have you ever read me?  At the moment, there are an unspecified number of people who have, but do not know it was me, because there is no byline – ghostwritten.  Do I look like a ghost to you?  There is also a little bit of work I have actually authored: wouldn’t that be nice?  To have what I have authored bought, and sold and me getting paid and readers loving it and liking it and some people even respecting me or even some fans.

I encourage, or even implore you to check out the following links:  http://sbpra.com/MiriamPia/   is for a novel.  About that philosophy teacher thing:  http://www.amazon.com/Five-Big-Questions-Life-Answer/dp/1617208647/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1381520676&sr=1-1&keywords=Five+Big+Questions+in+Life  How about a practical mini course at your own leisure?