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One of the many types of magazines around nowadays are tech magazines.  Some of these are off line and on, some only on.  To my pleasant astonishment, a few years ago now, I discovered that a woman from my math class our Senior year of high school was managing editor of an online tech magazine called Hypergrid Business.  As I was seeking more professional writing work, I reached out to her.

She let me try a few articles.  As some of you know “writing” is a very general category.  This was tech article journalism rather than creating website content for small businesses, or ghostwriting parts of or entire drafts of nonfiction books, or novel writing, all of which I have tried my hand at.

Despite our limited success working together, I am posting links to some of these.  I learned more about Second Life and other online methods for having group meetings and exploring visual environments ….by writing for Hypergrid Business.

Startled Cat: Story Immersion

Virtual Avatars & Real Life

Was that you or the editor?

For those of you who are not professional writers, I want to disclose to you that although I am the real author of both of these articles, Maria Korolov was the editor of them both.  The changes that she made, did cause me to have a strong reaction.  My first emotion was “Wow, this is so changed I feel confused about whether or not I am even the author of this article.”  That emotion is commonplace amongst inexperienced professional journalists, novelists, and all kinds of writers.

Much ghostwriting creates emotions more like what editors sometimes experience: I wrote so much of this, and yet, my name is not likely to be mentioned in association with it.  Sometimes I would be hired by a business start up to write them website content.  They would give me the word #, the topic of the article, the theme and all of that.  Then I would do all of the writing of the piece.  In some cases, the business would then have an editor make whatever other changes…I have seen works I wrote that were barely changed by the editor and other pieces that left me feeling like….Well, if it were making a pie here’s the story:

I put together the crust and the filling and baked it and my friend checked it and gouged out most of the filling and re-baked the thing.  Somehow she managed to not burn my crust….In the end all that I felt was “my work” was the pie crust, but my friend told me not to worry and still gave me the full credit for the pie.

Ghostwriting: using the same analogy.  I was hired by someone who told me what type of pie they wanted and when.  I agreed to take care of it by a deadline for a preset fee.  They left me alone and I made the pie and they checked it over.  They paid me.  The rest was out of my hands.


I told me what to write and I did.  Then I went and edited the thing a lot, quite possibly more than once.  Then I went around trying to sell it.

To this day in 2019 I still get weirded out about how different it is to make a work, and go around trying to sell it compared to being hired to write something and told what to write…then doing that and not having all kinds of weirdness about being paid for my work.

Pleading forgiveness

I ask that you, random readers, forgive me if you need to, for how I have casually rambled on about the over arching picture for professional authors, writers, copywriting, journalism instead of just neatly posting the tech articles and not writing anything else.

Time Since Then

In truth, my main published items since back then have been review articles and entire novels of my own, which I am still trying to earn money for having written.

During the past few months as well as blogging, I have bid on some contracts to do freelance and applied for some staff writing jobs; some from home and others that would involve going to an office and including work colleagues.

Strange is the world of professional writers.

They Don’t Accept Real Money December 2013

Hello again dear Readers.  If you have not been here before, “Welcome”.  If you have been around, good of you to come by again. 

Yesterday, I read about how to improve the quality of the blog, mainly for your short term benefit and my potential business improvements.  I know that’s telling you too much, but – imagine leaning forward and I do to, this makes it more like you’re in on it with me than it would be if I make sure I don’t tell you that. 

If you have been with me this whole time then you know that there is the issue about spending on making the blog environment more beautiful.  I finally did it and have even tried to renew.  Do you know what the system does?  It tries to force you into using a credit card.  If you can pay it off right away and have one or more credit cards it is not that bad but if you don’t or use it then forget – it might make it worse later rather than better.  I depend on something that is sometimes accepted and other times rejected for this new 21st century way of doing things.

In truth, I think more frequent changes in systems and technologies and methods is going to be a 21st century trend.  I hope that is not only to keep forcing the customers to buy more even after they have everything they need because unless they continue to both have work – which depends on the existence of their customers, and to get anything – which depends on the existence of having things to buy and on needing to get new stuff…Otherwise it won’t work unless deeper cultural changes occur.

What I meant by ‘they don’t accept real money’ in this case was:  1) I wanted to point out that American money has a built in mixed message now about how it is perfectly good real money but if you read it, it essentially tells you that it is an IOU.  American currency is passing IOUs around.  Well, credit cards – or forcing everyone to use credit cards would be ultimately doing the same thing…Perhaps we have all watched way too much Star Trek and heard the currency ‘credits’.  If at some point no one puts any real money onto credit cards, but debts can be paid off by receiving ‘points’ from other peoples’ credit cards then we can in fact live on borrowing money notes all the time.  Now, you may feel a little like you have entered the Twilight Zone which is the first line of a Rush (the Canadian rock band I love) song and also a reference to a TV show that those born before about 1980 may clearly recall from their personal life experience. 

Interactivity – or not 2013

There has been some research done on how interactive things we do on the Internet really are.  I have personally done business using the Internet and have made some degree of relationships and maintained others. 

Even though that is true, like millions of others I have also had experiences where it feels like some effort to really interact has been a dud.  Comments, likes, responses, counter or reply posts do help as does business. 

Personally it does not fulfill my need for in close in person interaction but it does help and hinder as much as using the phone.  Now, that remark dates me, because for those 30 or even 35 years old and younger, there is not so much that kind of comparison embedded into the psychology.  It can be great compared to being totally shut out or unable to exchange messages of a personal or professional nature.  However, when one would strongly prefer to have the old fashioned togetherness of in close and in person it is not a good substitute for me personally.

It can be a little shocking, when meeting people in one way much more than the other but then changing…how effective it is, though.  Once or twice I met people in person who I had met online and they turned out to be as real as they had been rumored to be once they closer.  Other times I met people in person, or knew them personally, kept in touch using the technology and then when we met up again they acted so much more informed about the latest trends in my life because they had received the messages – I wasn’t quite just imagining it.  That’s a relief, but for some reason it still surprises me and I feel as though I am adjusting.  Many of you know how that is.  (wild guess, maybe 73.94% of you.  Margin of error approximated at 34%)

Nuclear Weapons Factory (caused by demons?)

“Mic Check: Do you live in this area or know someone who does? Then you might want to know about this. Coming soon near you…A facility that will be capable of turning 3.5 metric tons of weapon-grade plutonium into MOX fuel assemblies annually. Nuclear weapons.

Construction is currently underway. It will be a 600,000-square-foot facility requiring over 170,000 cubic yards of concrete, 35,000 tons of reinforcing steel, 23,000 instruments, 1000 tons of heating and air conditioning vents, 500,000 feet of conduit, 47,000 feet of cable tray, 3,600,000 feet of power and control cable, and 85 miles of piping.

Just like the XL Pipeline, a job creator!! I guess we should all be jumping up and down for joy.


http://www.moxproject.com/csra/  ”

This was sent to me on Facebook.  We should stop this without using violence if at all possible!!!

Free excerpt: The Children of Loki

Excerpt from The Children of Loki

He gave her a weird smile and said, “I’m Kiel Bronson, but maybe you had better call me Sergeant.”

She gave him a weird look right back.  “I see you’re not the enemy,” she said.

He chuckled, but she could hear the fear in his voice.  “That’s right, soldier.  I’m an Earthling.  Have you met an Earthling before?”

“No,” she said.  It was the truth.  “Well, I did meet you last night, so yes.”

“OK,” he said.  He was certain now, that he was more than twice her age, even though she was an adult.  It still made him uncomfortable at times, to realize how old he really was, but there was a lot about it that he liked.  One thing for sure, was both the good and the bad of it: he had a lot more life experience than anyone her age.

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