November 2013 – First Snow in Indianapolis

Today began in Indianapolis, Indiana.  This is the Circle City, and the setting city of the novel The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead. 

Today there has been snow for the very first time this year.  Having spent some time in the city and some time away from it, I have been able to think about how the setting really effected the plot of the novel and how the location is described within the story. 

There are a few major features of the novel which are based on the reality of life in Indianapolis.  I dared to include a highly sensitive subject and chose a type of crime problem that the local law enforcement agents and much of the public is already uncomfortably aware of.  In international politics they call this the ‘black eye’.  Before I write more, let me point out that Indianapolis really is a good city.  It is just that, like everyplace else, there is trouble sometimes and certain kinds of problems.

Despite the urging of a publishing industry representative, I have not attempted to convert the novel from a quasi-vigilante team unleashed by the Mayor’s Office to help the local police into a murder mystery thriller.  One reason why not, is that I don’t even read thrillers but I did read some crime fiction stories and I have watched TV shows that have a number of the qualities that this novel offers. 

The setting is present in the novel, but I am not the sort of author to go into deep intricate details for pages about the setting.  As a writer I am more character and plot driven. 

While out of town and even out of the country it became clear that it is an Ameri-centric story set in one of the big cities. 

The story revolves around problems amongst both cops and robbers – or criminals in general and the public over the limits of procedure.  While I agree with all the upstanding people that police invasion and police-state security problems are worth preventing, I also agree with the cops and the other people who don’t like it when criminals, not cops are further abusing the laws just to get away with more crimes and blaming the cops for going too far in an effort to hand out justice.  Perhaps it is because I watched a lot of Batman or just because I have always loved hero stories and read a lot in my life. 

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Debriefing on an author’s personal relationship with the genre….As many of you may know, An Adventure in Indianapolis is a crime fiction novel but it is not a conventional mystery or whodunnit story.  It is not about a murder, and quite frankly, I am glad that it is not. 

As an author I can tell you that writing stories and receiving them is not the same but of course they are connected.  For readers who know an author, and even more so for an author it is easy to see what goes in to making a story.  For people who are not ‘role playing fantasy gamers’ the novel is intended to make perfect sense.  For those who are, the group of crime solvers and the way they have been sanctioned by the leaders of the city follows very obviously the pattern of at least one generation of Dungeons and Dragons players.  An Adventure of Indianapolis is very unlike such fantasy role playing games, in that it is set in contemporary Indianapolis in a fictional version of the real world, not in an alternate universe. 

So many of you have come here because you are fans of mysteries and other types of crime fiction.  Who have I mainly read in the genre?  Really, Arthur Conan Doyle’s works about Sherlock Holmes.  I also read both Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys’ juvenile mysteries.  Aside from that, I have hardly read any novels in this genre but have enjoyed ‘crime fiction TV’ such as Miami Vice and CSI based in more than one location.  Those works, combined with all the fantasy role playing gaming and the real world fact that for Indianapolis, warding off meth labs is a real problem.  The law enforcement of the city has had many successes but also some failures.  Like most American cities, they have been dragged into ‘the war on drugs’ whether they like it or not.  For those who live in nice neighborhoods where drug crime is not a problem, their activities may seem heavy handed or unjust.  For people who have lived in neighborhoods where very local kids are in danger of being either attacked by or recruited by local gangsters…and threatened to pretend to not notice local illegal drug dealers, it is too true and anything but funny.

An Adventure in Indianapolis makes a pretend and wild tale based in a mixture of truths and misperceptions.  It is intended to bring hope to good people.  It is meant to be exciting.  There is brain work and leg work. 

If you want to see how a suprising combination of a fighter, an attorney who uses magick, a cleric with super powered Holy Water and a passion to gaurd the souls of living law enforcement agents, and a burglar who can be bought – even to help the law & God – who knows the lawyer from the same occult group, come together to find and thwart some local villains…just click on the link and buy right now.

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