Chaos Post

This is called a chaos post because I am not even pre-planning what I write.  To some that just means I am being spontaneous.

Recently, somewhere online, I read about definitions of spontaneous.  One answer was ‘taking another route to work’ but the other was more like ‘Going out for milk and sending back post cards from your international journey lasting an indeterminate time period.’

In my life, spontaneous usually just means that I did it when I felt like it, or when natural forces indicated it rather than acting more on the basis of humanly devised organizations and schedules.  Spontaneity can be as simple as riding a bike around the block, or wearing a different color lipstick one day in my own case, to going out with people after work almost immediately after being asked or in fact, ending up making certain kinds of breaks with the past and doing something without prior planning.

There have been many occasions in my life when my behavior conformed to my inner awareness but surprised some relatives or friends because they had not been informed of my plans or hopes and wishes even though I had known for months or years.