Disjointed Information – maybe poetry 2013

Awareness involves whatever is going on around oneself.

A dog invited me to go outside with her.  This time I did.  At least 4 birds moved twice because of what we did out there.  The dog may have asked me to take her out for a walk but I don’t have enough of the instructions from those closer with the animal to be ready to do something like that but I am not strongly against the idea. 

I feel I should go out today.

Last night there was such a drama that I thought this laptop had died, which would have made it difficult or impossible to send this message this way today.  I might have managed it from the nearest library.

Today, I wanted to sell more copies of my books.  I have some on hand and was going to try to do so in person. 

It is early enough in the day and late enough that I should still do it even though I cannot do it the way I had intended at 9am this morning.

I like it better when self-employment actually works and I really earn money than when I work and it doesn’t pay off which makes it feel more like being a student or a slave or indentured servant. 

When I was a school girl I diligently did my work even though they did not pay me.  As a grown woman in the work world I sometimes wonder if that was the right thing to do or was actually a mistake because i should work more when people pay me given that I am not living in a Communist society.

I realize that if everyone was financially equal regardless I would probably feel more successful today than when I feel that no matter what I do, the expectation in general is that if it works properly I will be financially much wealthier and if it doesn’t pay well then there is a problem.  I do not agree that money is always the best judged but I had wanted to do well financially.  It does get weird.

Music for Healing

Music is known to be powerful and yet how and why it is, have been a matter of argument for hundreds or even thousands of years. 

It is possible to use music for a variety of purposes, including self manipulation of the emotions or as a means of expressing emotions. 

Music can also be used to heal.  Today, I would like to share 2 samples of music that was written with the specific purpose of healing at least one person.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2CvZ6MzMX0&list=FLIM4EHLl2B2KTX0QuRuuWFg&index=3  This piece is newer, but claims to have been devised as ancient wisdom.  Here is a good moment to point out that newer or older is not always what determines whether or not something is better.  This is only worth mentioning because normally we may tend to assume that something is better either because it is the latest invention or else because it is ancient wisdom.  In that respect we are not always consistent even in ourselves.  Jezebel Decibel advises only listening to this for 5 minutes daily in the beginning.  You can go directly to her if you want more advice on the Solfeggio music.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjcrmvkZ2tQ&list=FLIM4EHLl2B2KTX0QuRuuWFg&index=45  This is the other.  This was created to heal the hearing of a King.  Even though it is old, hopefully you feel it is good enough for you.