Off Hours Blogging

January 2014 is coming to an end.  The 18 year old has finished his semester of school.  Due to having changed nations at the time of starting high school, but not due to any personal failings, he is in 11th rather than 12th grade.  He has the day off from school today.

One of the home computers has connectivity issues and another one has other technical problems that I really don’t understand.  Due to things like that and not forcing my son of his machine so that I can use it at certain times, last night’s blog did not make it out at the same time.

Something has really changed.  It is neither all bad nor all good, I suppose.  My blogging has suffered an irregularity but I have done even more editing of an sf novel, begun querying properly to respected lit agents and publishers.  I have also started writing the sequel and am now contending with what really happened.

In the science fiction series starring interstellar mercenaries from very different ideologies and locations – the man who works as the Second in Command – gets to name their organization and dubs them The Children of Loki – which is the name of the novel.

Being a creative person I have come up with a short fiction story to describe my best guess as to how the deity Loki became the parent.  Unlike a lot of more natural childbirth, he unfortunately did not have a wondrous nor even bad sexual liason to become the parent.  It was more like what happened to the god Zeus and the goddess Athena – who sprang forth from his mind after a headache,…but for some reason I think that the mercenary order was conceived while the deity Loki was coping with a rather severe hang over, or else while recovering from a bout of influenza.  I realize that I could be sorely mistaken and that it might be unfair to have saddled him with this type of thing or to claim that they are not the result of Loki having a happy or good experience.  I might be wrong, but maybe I’m not.