Blog negligence and the names of thespians

At some point today I realized that I had neglected to blog to you all yesterday.   When you actually like the blog then I do feel a bit guilty about neglecting to do it. 

At some point today I saw …well I saw people who’s organizations have bigger advertising budgets than I do: I saw actual Monster Trucks and I saw a billboard sporting Captain America.  This happened to me in a German village, not an American village loaded with ethnic Germans, but a village in Germany that has been bombarded by American cultural icons – I even saw some German home flying one of our American flags this morning!! 

I have an American flag because I am an American citizen and so is my son and I want us to both remember that.  Given that, I’m sure that American readers can see why I felt flavored Frosty weird – cold in the chest from too much at once, Germans sporting our flags in their own towns as fashion or extra-cultural fidelity. 

One of the Germans who’s English is good who spoke to me a couple of years ago ‘dared’ to tell me that “Germany is a satellite state of the USA” borrowing terminology I learned from that whole Soviet – DDR ‘satellite state’ thing, and this German knew that was how I’d learned it, and that WAS what he meant….Only his Germany is OUR satellite state, not THEIRS.

Well, I have no idea what the actual name is of the actor who is Captain America in those movies but that’s how it goes for thespians who make their money pretending to be who they are not…but at least they are not pretending that is not what they are doing like millions of employees who really do suffer from that specific type of psycho-social pain…The pain of not being oneself at work.