Pop Art Chat: Music

During the decades, like most people, I developed a love for music.  I like various kinds of music but my favorites are: rock, orchestral music and pop music.

Here are some of my favorites:

In the English language rock category I have to mention U2 and Rush.  While I confess to not being as intense of a their fan as I was when I was an adolescent both these bands have produced music that I truly really like during the past 5 years, even though I became a fan way way back in the 1980s.

German language rock category: Kraft Klub

English language metal-rock: I know this is old news, but Disturbed and Godsmack are my favorite 21st century newly discovered metal bands.  I’m not a metal head either; at least, I don’t think of myself that way.  In truth, I’m not sure that any of the band’s members are either but that’s what they do that seems to bring them in the most money.  It may or may not be what any of them like the best.

Symphonic / Classical – Instrumental

Amazing as it is, I have heard of and even own some of Yo Yo Ma.

Another one of my favorites is the adult daughter protégé of a famous Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar: Anoushka Shankar.

At this point, I wish to point out 2 other musicians specialized in one instrument as their expertise that I particularly like:  neither are American.  I have no idea of whether or not they speak much of any English but as their works are purely instrumental it doesn’t matter so much:  Mitsuko Uchida’s Schubert Piano Sonatas, and Nikolaj Znaider‘s Bravo!

For classical symphonic music, I am fond of Mozart and Beethoven, possibly the most.  Normally, however common my senses are, I tend to trust the major urban philharmonic orchestras to competently play the music of those composers to my satisfaction.

General Information

I’ve always loved music, and like most of my generation grew up listening to a lot of radio broadcasts.  My father made sure I heard plenty of classical music, and my sister preferred classical and folk music.  I have fairly broad tastes, but due to the thematic genre nature of commercial radio stations and my generation I mostly listened to forms of rock-n-roll.

Of the old stuff, I do appreciate Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley.  I love the work that Cream did in just 2 years; I admire The Doors, Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix.  I liked lots more than those, including, of course, The Beatles (that should just go without saying; that’s how great they were.  In all seriousness, I loved them and even like the Monkeys/Monkees).

Of newer old stuff:  Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, David Bowie.  I got into that Flock of Seagulls song, and enjoyed a high volume of “one hit wonders” throughout the years.  I loved the B52s and even the Go Go Girls.  As a grown woman I learned to enjoy Peter Murphy and the Cure.  I even like Elvis Costello and the Talking Heads. Oasis is one of the few 90s bands that I managed to notice.

Like everyone else, there have been so many more bands who put out at least some song or two that I liked but this gives you a good general idea.

This is mainly opinion and is just sharing some of my musical preferences with you all.  You can decide how much or how little that tells you about me.

Reviews 2014

Here is a new review by someone who I have not met online or in person prior to reading the review quoted from amazon below.  It is for An Adventure in Indianapolis.  You can pre-order hard copies under the title The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead at http://sbpra.com/MiriamPia/  or you can buy your Kindle Amazon version and tolerate the formatting problem that I have tried but failed to overcome.  PDF’s can be purchases using PayPal direct from the author as another means of avoiding the formatting problem.

4.0 out of 5 stars Urban Fantasy Fiction is On the Rise, January 20, 2014



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This review is from: An Adventure in Indianapolis (Kindle Edition)


Miriam Pia has taken the fantasy, action, adventure out of the forests and brought them into the urban jungle. To envision the heroes of that genre as they would be today is genius. She takes four of the most unlikely people and put them on a modern day quest. the biggest draw of fantasy role playing is that you get to choose to be an otherworldly character, what Miriam has done is present us with a work that will have you asking what do my current skills and talents make me.

You see her heroes are a lawyer, fighter, thief and priest. translate that to cleric, warrior, pixie and mage and you have all the makings of an epic. The use of magic in a modern world setting is fun and exciting, the possibilities are endless. This is one book that is deserving of your consideration even if you are not a fan of the genre.