Urban crime fiction set in Middle America

Urban crime fiction set in Middle America

Who is reading ebooks these days?  More people every day.  Do you have a Kindle?  If so, then you can use it to find a clever adventurous tale of how a city saves itself from itself – in a sense.  Maybe you don’t think that way – a lot of the time, I don’t either.  Every location has its own good and bad points.  Every fiction story relies on something connected to reality in some way – the connection may be thin or weak, but it is still there. 

Real life is about team work despite how competitive life can be.  That truth is high lighted in An Adventure in Indianapolis aka The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead.  Those who like group efforts will enjoy the unconventional approach in this novel.  There is not just one sleuth.  It really takes all 4 people to solve the crime, and they are working with others. 

If you’re interested, but don’t want to use an ebook reader, please pre-order yours from Alethia Publishing now:  http://www.alethia.co.in/p/catalog.html

Excerpt from Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them by Miriam Pia

Chapter 2: What is the world really like?
The fancy way of saying this is,
What is the nature of reality?

Well, this is one of those questions that you have to be in the right mood for. There are those to whom seeking an answer is the source of their career. Scientific researchers and clerics are amongst those who, like many of the philosophers, are wondering what the world is really made of – quite literally. Not only that, but ‘how do we know what is true and real’ and what is illusion?People who picked up this book who are not interested in this question may just skip it and go to the next chapter. A lot of the people who bought this book, actually like this question,even though it may seem strange if, say, you were just picking out drapes for the living room and suddenly ‘there it is, a question about the nature of reality’ and do the drapes go to just below the window sill or all the way down to the floor and will they match the sofa?Maybe you really think that way.OK, well, to start, on a daily basis, it certainly seems as if there is a lot which we take to be the truth. The sky is real, the kitchen is real; the need to buy toilet paper when one runs out is also real. At the same time, there is a lot in the world that doesn’t seem to even be real.Silicon breasts are not real in the same sense as natural ones. Lies are real too, but also not the way telling the truth is somehow real in a different way or more real, or real on more levels.We have our senses and our minds.


Snapping back to real life: Experimentation in Uranian blogging

Well, that tells you a little bit about the young Gezka FaucMerz and the  middle aged but not old yet – Kiel Bronson.

Those of you reading regularly have been introduced to the Five Big Questions in Life – which is an overview of the field of philosophy: there is one chapter dedicated to each of the 5 main branches of Western philosophy.  The approach is hands on, for people ready to practice philosophy.

It is true that this blog has some experimental characteristics, which may come across at times as inconsistency.

Earlier today, I read part of a print magazine article about blogging in the German language.  There were a lot of t’s and z’s in it [pained and canned laughter].  It was about whether or not narcissism shows up more or less in the so called blogosphere.  Personally, I think it has to do with how often people blog in private and how much they feel read. I knew one young woman who used to blog in a cafe where a few of us writers and would be writers congregated with many others.  I usually blog in what would otherwise be ‘private’.  If no one read it, it might as be about my armpit hair in that no one else needs to have any interest in it at all as long as it seems relevant to me.  However, the more readers there are the less it seems acceptable to me to go on about ‘what I saw when I gazed at my own navel’.

Yes, it is different if it a scene in a movie or an advertisement for razors or deodorant.