About Blogging the Best Way (is that like deciding whether or not to buy guest soap?) 2014

Wow, it’s June.  Earlier today I read another person’s article about how to write a great blog.  During these first couple of years there have been many days when the only reason that I blogged was to be consistent.  When I reviewed stats for the blog it sometimes seemed as if Life wanted to play kick the can with my ego, yet again.  Despite being in my 40s it was “Dear old Dad” as my main reader.  Now and then another woman would look at it.  Occasionally “the system” would persuade someone else to read one post. 

A couple of years ago now, I had a bit of a shock when I went out one evening to a group meeting and someone I spent time in person now and then in Germany told me that she was up to date because she had read my blog.  I was very flattered – it was as good as when someone one hopes will turn up to their birthday actually arrives and even brings something the host/ess wants.  It is a flattering ego boosting ‘stroke’ of sorts. 

I know that I am not the goddess of blogging.  If I were, they give me the impression that I would be rich from it by now.  A few years ago I found an 18 year old in an African nation who was earning more blogging online than I have earned yearly even with 5 years of higher education, maybe more depending on how you count.  Recently I began to get a little more complex but then I began to suffer from inconsistency.  Hm, what a puzzle. 

As always, thanks to those of you who bothered to read it and liked it.

Reviews 2014

Here is a new review by someone who I have not met online or in person prior to reading the review quoted from amazon below.  It is for An Adventure in Indianapolis.  You can pre-order hard copies under the title The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead at http://sbpra.com/MiriamPia/  or you can buy your Kindle Amazon version and tolerate the formatting problem that I have tried but failed to overcome.  PDF’s can be purchases using PayPal direct from the author as another means of avoiding the formatting problem.

4.0 out of 5 stars Urban Fantasy Fiction is On the Rise, January 20, 2014



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This review is from: An Adventure in Indianapolis (Kindle Edition)


Miriam Pia has taken the fantasy, action, adventure out of the forests and brought them into the urban jungle. To envision the heroes of that genre as they would be today is genius. She takes four of the most unlikely people and put them on a modern day quest. the biggest draw of fantasy role playing is that you get to choose to be an otherworldly character, what Miriam has done is present us with a work that will have you asking what do my current skills and talents make me.

You see her heroes are a lawyer, fighter, thief and priest. translate that to cleric, warrior, pixie and mage and you have all the makings of an epic. The use of magic in a modern world setting is fun and exciting, the possibilities are endless. This is one book that is deserving of your consideration even if you are not a fan of the genre.


Indianapolis, November 2013

Welcome to any and all readers.  So many of you have had times when your life when you live someplace and then have to or choose to move away.  In some cases people move back to a place they used to live.  Sometimes people visit and of course there are times when people just get out and never even try to go back. 

Everything changes and we all know that, but sometimes we notice it a lot when we go to an old place and we find that it is not that anymore, or we are not like we used to be or others are not the way they used to be. 

Lately, I’m experiencing that kind of thing. 

The setting of The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead  http://sbpra.com/miriampia/ is Indianapolis.  Like every city, for everyone who lives in the city, that would mean the reader would have that in common with the characters in the story. 

You can get your copy right there at the website.

Is that just you? Have I been read or heard? Have you? 2013

So many people nowadays post information online at various locations.  I read something somewhere about people giggling over comments they have written or posted.  I think another lady wrote it. 

Mainly, what I’m getting at is that in my own case I think some of that stems  from the confusion about whether or not I’ve been read.  Until or unless people send me feedback, determining whether or not anyone has read something I have written is almost as challenging as a form of divination.  Was just that I thought about something that I wrote, or was it that one person read it and gave it a little bit of thought, or tens or even hundreds of people read it and all gave it a moment of thought? 

Being a writer by trade, much as I strove to have a day job in a different field – I tried to become a woman working as a philosophy teacher at a university somewhere, and even tried convenient store management as another alternative…as a writer getting read and having people willingly buy stuff I wrote and reading it and really really liking it ….Liking it the way people love a good read or a great movie…is the other half of the reality of writing…Reading.

Have you ever read me?  At the moment, there are an unspecified number of people who have, but do not know it was me, because there is no byline – ghostwritten.  Do I look like a ghost to you?  There is also a little bit of work I have actually authored: wouldn’t that be nice?  To have what I have authored bought, and sold and me getting paid and readers loving it and liking it and some people even respecting me or even some fans.

I encourage, or even implore you to check out the following links:  http://sbpra.com/MiriamPia/   is for a novel.  About that philosophy teacher thing:  http://www.amazon.com/Five-Big-Questions-Life-Answer/dp/1617208647/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1381520676&sr=1-1&keywords=Five+Big+Questions+in+Life  How about a practical mini course at your own leisure?

Same Story at CrimeSpace

When blogging, there are days when the first question is what to blog about.  Today is that type of day.  In real life, this is a re-playing a movie that I actually bought a copy of.  My son was with me for the earlier part of the day.  Right now it is dark out: it is 5:30pm local time.  The Germans are like the English in that they kept the 24 clock after the world wars – weird that in the end they agreed about that…This involves a side issue about misunderstanding when using different languages to communicate.  So, on that front it is 17:30.  I am American and continue to be ‘uncomfortable’ with the 24 clock thing. 


Well, today I wanted to write a little bit about the crime genre in general.  Personally, I scare easily, and in general I have not been a big fan of the genre in book form.  How it is that I wrote a crime fiction novel despite that…I don’t know either.  When it comes to crime fiction I strongly find that the further it is from the quality of my real life or the lives of those around me, the greater the separation from the real world, the easier it is for me to deal with and the less things like fictional violence bother me.  I really don’t want to live in a world that is really that harsh.  I don’t want you to either. 


That said, LJ Sellers has been plotting fictional murders just to avoid her housework – this is according to her, but it works for me as a way to remember who she is: the lady my age who writes Detective Jackson novels to avoid housework…and still have a good way to excuse her behavior to her husband – I don’t know her husband, so he may not need any excuses, but that sounds good.  LJ has been amongst my FB friends for a while.  I still haven’t read one of her novels, but maybe you will because I mentioned her to you and that’s something.   One of the recent ones is called The Baby Thief and is about a really twisted plot by a woman to steal some other lady’s baby.  Creepy as all get out.  Contemporary, urban, plenty of female characters. 


That wasn’t what I had thought I would write today, but I have been bothering to keep up on the housework since I reached about 25 years old.  I’ve never been immaculate but I don’t like it too dirty.  As I have not been to LJ’s home, I cannot tell you whether it is a publicity fib and all it means is that she hasn’t bleached the floorboards so they are cleaner than a hospital or whether it is so bad that I would only want to meet her out in public unless she won’t be offended if I clean her dishes or run the vacuum cleaner while I am visiting.  I have some faith in her abilities as a writer and encourage all you crime fiction fans to check out her Detective Jackson series or at least The Baby Thief.


Truth be told, I did write one fiction story in which a living person is discovered beneath some disarray in university student housing….It is written fiction not written for TV, but to cross reference to TV I would say ‘reminiscent of The Young Ones’ in terms of domesticity.