The New Pope & Other

There is already a new Pope.  That’s the good news.  The down side?  So much for that sense of North European understanding.  He’s from Argentina.  Well, for everyone who’s spent time studying Spanish or Portugese and Latin, it won’t be so bad. 

The big excitement for me today, is that I had family time – which is actually important, and that I spent another hour or so hearing normal local people “sprechen Sie Deutsch”.  It was a driving school lesson.  I don’t know the German word for ‘thorough’ yet, but it is how I would describe the German driver’s education program.  Of course, this is what people around the world have been saying is the good quality about the annoying aspect of how Germans tend to be…well, thorough.  Whether or not it is good or bad probably depends on the situation and how one is effected by it.  Because of that, I’m being taught all kinds of stuff that was considered extraneous when I learned to drive in the USA – you can learn about it later if you need to.  You may never need to know.  The driving school here is more like the attitude of general American education: in case you ever need to know, we’ll go ahead and teach you this now.