an author’s random comments – learning as today’s topic de jour

I just read and commented at Culture Monk’s blog because apparently he liked my post yesterday.  Thank God someone read it and commented.  Hopefully a bunch more people read it even though they didn’t comment.

Learning.  Like so many of you all I’m still learning about life.   Some days I learn more about how to use the computer.  Other days like today, I learned more about which movies I own can be fast forwarded by which buttons on the son’s game controller.  Due to the mother and son lifestyle: I don’t have a normal video player.  We have a PS3 which is the teen son’s so he can play video games and the Mom (who the son calls Mim) watches movies using it.  Actually we have also both used it to play video games but because of that fast forward is a video game controller button.  I’m sure it’s not just us.  Not all videos are the same.  Maybe you already knew that, but I only learned that this year. 

Well, I guess that’s it today.