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Connecting Online Again

Once again, I have experienced online connections that are entirely real, and mutual.  This has happened within the past 48 hours.

During that same time period I have also watched videos online that made me feel connected but really just cause me to participate in the freebie portion of a complicated advertisement.

Today, I have looked at my WordPress “Stats” and have found that most likely, the underlying causes for the downward change are the following: 1) a few days went by without my blogging new posts.  2) I didn’t spend at least 30 minutes reading other bloggers posts at WordPress.

In-system versus Domains

Wealthy Affiliate

Many of you know what is going on, but some may not have yet noticed.  What we get depends a lot on who we know, how much we can afford to spend and what kinds of things we spend on.  Thanks to this, millions of us have access to free or extremely low cost websites and blogging technologies, but there is a caveat: the freebie versions are normally limited to ‘in system’.

I most noticed this in-system versus domain name difference when I belonged to Wealthy Affiliate.  I joined there to get a free website and to market my own products (books and ghostwriting services).  There was an opportunity to learn about affiliate marketing.  I was not honestly interested in that, but as that was most likely the real motivation behind the organization, I went ahead and learned about it.  In truth, I tried it at my website.

All the business for my own interests that I found when using Wealthy Affiliate, was other members of Wealthy Affiliate hiring me to help them improve their websites by paying me to ghostwrite web content or to edit their website content or writing papers related to their business websites.

So far, I have tried Wealthy Affiliate twice.  The first time, I did earn significantly more than the membership cost me, but nothing like what a real, supportive full time job or good husband (yes, I have female bias due to being female) but the second time I lost money.  In one case, I earned about $0.70 from the “affiliate marketing”.  In the other case, I didn’t make money any better from that than I did from selling my own products and services via the same website.

The people who were members came across as very pleasantly friendly.  It was fairly easy to connect with them online and sharing information was smooth.

There was a large contingent of us who were dealing with websites that were low-cost but were only even functioning within the realm of the Wealthy Affiliate zone.

It was possible to free ourselves of that situation, but it required spending a lot more money.  Given that our need was to earn money, a lot of us got sort of locked in or ‘locked down’ at that stage of the process.


SBPRA is the publishing company of both of the novels that I have released so far.  They have provided author websites that can be accessed from the outside but both have their name on them still.  I have had to both spend more money and have had to learn in an effort to even get the website to function beyond ‘in system’.

I have mixed feelings about SBPRA.  I am very happy that they did or claimed to have accepted my manuscripts entirely because they are good enough and not because they are self-publishers who don’t care whether or not it is good as long as I will spend.  I am very grateful and happy that they have helped me to get respectable quality bound novels with good covers.  I am grateful that they provided me with a literary agent for one year for my first novel.

I am aware that really don’t have a good reputation, so much so, that they can be found on Writer Beware.  I realize that it is both true that innovation which threatens the status quo can get a ‘bad rap’ and it is also true that often a bad reputation develops as a direct consequence of bad practices.  SBPRA tried to charge me fees for services which a traditional publisher would provide me with at no fee.  Instead of paying me, the author, for the privilege of publishing my book, they did not.  However, they did grant me a nonexclusive publishing contract; they have produced respectable copies of the novels.  They have provided websites.  They have offered other services to support the work.  In my view this is much worse than the kind of publishing deal that I would like and vastly superior to what the situation would be like had I been limited to self-publishing.  It is that another publishing company did pick up one of my novels in another variation of deals that are horrible compared to excellent publishing deals and great compared to “shark tank victimization” deals.  The other publishing company offered to publish at both no fee and no pay out to me of an advance….in an exclusive contract but then didn’t release the book within the year and a half that they had the book.  They did get the cover together during that time.

The websites had an ‘in system’ look about them, but I have spent on a domain name so they hopefully won’t have this kind of problem.


Here we are at WordPress, having our blogs.  We can spend enough to make it so that our blogs won’t be limited to having an ‘in system’ type of circulation.  It could be argued that WordPress has tacitly told us that as long as we promote WordPress using their logo on our blogs they will let us blog without spending a lot more money but society has also told us that we may be frowned upon as being insufficiently professional in approach and online appearance, unless we operate without these other organization’s labels.

You (plural) i.e. You all

I’d love to read responses or comments from any of you about this.  Is this a great topic or does it seem too elementary: intro to use of the Internet for business?

Have you (plural) had the same kinds of experiences?  How have you overcome these challenges?

Today’s Comments

Duh factor

Today I have had a “duh factor” event.  “Duh” as many of you know, is a common Americanism in which something stupid happened, or someone finally has a realization that makes him or her feel temporary stupidity.

My “Duh factor event” today was that I finally found the notifications here at the blog and therefore finally read your comments.  Due to what happened, I apologize to all of you who responded to me weeks ago without my having even realized that you had bothered to reply, especially since your acknowledgement is part of what keeps me going with blogging.  Aside from that, thank you everyone who read a post, liked it and bothered to respond in some tangible manner.  Most of you also know that however much we try to believe the “stats” we are all justifiably suspicious that somehow the information exchange feedback is not entirely accurate.

After the Duh

In reality, like so many of you, I seem to “get” some aspects of how to use this technology very easily but not “getting” the whole thing, or all aspects of how to make the best use of online systems all at once.

While living in Germany, there were at least 6 months when I learned and figured out something new about how to get around online every day.  Other times, I don’t learn at that pace.

Also like most of the rest of you, when I go to do something only to discover that I have to learn a lot just to do it, I sometimes get a little freaked out and try to learn as rapidly as possible.  During such times, I often get somewhat worked up and easily frustrated with myself for not already knowing how to.


Today is just today.  I perused around a little bit, wondering if I would easily find great inspiration for a new blog post.  I don’t feel that much as if I did.

Despite that, I wanted to make some attempt to connect with whoever reads this, inspired by the recent increase in traffic and feedback, according to the stats.

This Christmas

For me personally, the saddest aspects of this Christmas are that I am not going to be able to include in person: my husband, my son, and maybe not my father and his wife and 2nd wife (now an ex, but the live out stepmother of most of my childhood with whom I am still in touch).  The thing is that the reason I can’t include my husband is sordid, and weird.  In truth, I was last married in 2005.  I finally nearly got remarried in 2016.  I won’t go into it further aside from sharing with you that I am very glad my ex-husband is alive and having reasonably good luck being married to someone other than me, although I would have preferred for him to succeed at being my husband rather than someone else’s for 5 decades of more instead.  Still, I strongly prefer this to either of us being dead.  The rest of them, I just have the problem of suffering from limitations of transportation or funding for transportation.

The best news for me about this Christmas is that I will be able to spend time in person with my mother.  I am old enough to be very grateful that my parents are still alive and lucid.  My mother is in excellent condition for her age, and my father is in ok condition sort of for his age.  They are in their 80s.  As well as that, I was able to get my son some presents, about which I am very grateful and happy.  He is an adult now, by the way.

To the rest of you, I hope that you find a happiness during this time o year, whether you have a religious epiphany or a spiritual breakthrough or even just a good time with relatives….Kind words between you and your mother-in-law for example, or forgiveness between siblings.

God bless you this Christmas.


Reblogging about professional bloggers



Productivity: Are You Ready to Work Hard Now and Reap the Rewards Later?

By | Blogging

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sowingYes, you work very hard with your blog. However, it seems that you are not making any noticeable progress.

The thoughts of quitting start to cross your mind.

The fact is that you are uncertain how much longer you’ll have to keep on working, until you can turn your blog into a full-time income.

With this income, you’d be able to quit your boring day job and start living the life of your dreams: being your own boss, getting enough time with your family and traveling to exotic places.

Since the reality is the complete opposite, you feel like throwing in the towel.

I’ll ask you to reconsider what you are planning to do, because I might have a solution for you. I’ll just need couple of minutes of your time.

Do you think you could listen to me just a moment?

You weren’t prepared enough – were you?

Blogging is much more complicated than what it seems.

First of all, there is all this technical stuff that you have to take care of: themes, plug-ins, different settings, and web hosting – the whole nine yards!

Then, there are the certain myths about blogging and one of the most persistent ones are that blogging is so damned easy. Just write whatever you wish, get it published and you’ll become successful right away.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. You’ll soon realize that the quality of your content really does matter – and a lot!

The myth about blogging simplicity is also related to time and commitment: You can’t just spend some odd minutes on your blog on a weekly basis and wish that you are going to become super-successful.

The fact is that if you are going to be writing anything meaningful, it’s going to take time and effort to do so. Unfortunately, spending just a small amount of time on your blog on a daily basis will get you results – but nothing spectacular.

Finally, you haven’t yet internalized that you have to do a lot of work – especially in the beginning.

Everyone – including the most successful bloggers – have worked a lot when they started out and they didn’t take any shortcuts: They worked hard, failed, learned from their mistakes and kept working hard again.

Eventually they reached their success since they were committed enough. They weren’t afraid to work like nuts.

Your focus needs realignment

Setting goals – blogging related – is fine, but it’s your focus that needs some adjustments.

You see, one thing that keeps you going on a daily basis is the motivation, the drive inside you. Now, if you don’t have that internal fire inside you, then anything (whether it’s blogging or something else) is going to be very hard.

This internal fire is created by a compelling goal.  If you don’t know what it is, you don’t have any reason to take action to reach it.

But there is another goal-related thing that needs to be understood and this may sound a bit counter-intuitive: Don’t focus on the goal! Instead, keep it in the background all the time, but don’t let it become an obsession, something that you think about all the time.

You see, if you only think about what might happen sometime in the future, you find the present less compelling.

Unfortunately, the present is when you have to do the groundwork for your future. And if you find the present boring, then you can’t justify the effort that is needed with your blog.

So what we are going to be doing next is that we tweak your mindset a bit, so that you’ll keep on working and eventually you reach your blogging success.

So let’s do it – right now!

Get the fun back into blogging again

Obviously, you have an exciting reason that helps you to wake up in the morning full of enthusiasm.

In my situation, I wake up early and I’m ready to do some work before I hit the office. I know that when I work enough, I’m finally able to generate enough income from my online business and support my family.

However, there is another thing that you have to do: Make the present enjoyable.

Learn to love writing the blog posts, connecting with other bloggers or building your e-mail list. When you do that, the transition from the current situation to your dream becomes much smoother.

So how do you actually make the process more enjoyable?

Well first of all, you should remember your past victories.

What small successes you already had so far: Did you receive a thank you e-mail from one of your readers, did you get a lot of positive comments in one of your blog posts or was some other famous blogger linking to your stuff?

These victories – sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger – are worth remembering every day as you build your blog.

Second, gather a group of people to support you when you feel like quitting or when you are feeling down.

Sure, blogging can be very lonely at times, but when you have people you can go to, it helps the situation a lot. You can support each other when the motivation is lost or if getting to the goal seems to be impossible.

Finally, you can always hire some external help if you want to speed-up your progress. What I mean is hiring a coach and it can definitely get you on the fast track when it comes to reaching your goals and success.

I have been working with a coach for almost a year and I’m very happy with the progress I have made.

The blogging success mindset – step-by-step

Let’s put all the things you have learned so far into a detailed plan, that’s easy to follow:

1. Make your goal important. Integrate your goal into your everyday life, so that it’s at the back of your mind (subconscious) all the time. The more important the goal comes to you, the more willing you are to take action to reach it.

Write down your goal or even – try to find images that visualize your goal. Put them somewhere where you can see them easily whenever you need to.

2. Get in love with the process. Switch your thinking from something in the future to the present.

Of course, you need to have a compelling future goal, but at the same time you should focus on the present. This makes your everyday blogging tasks easier, since you are not living in the future.

3. Have a success journal. Take a couple of minutes every day and write down your daily successes. Whether it’s something big or small, it doesn’t matter.

When you keep writing the stuff down on a consistent basis, you’ll soon have a lot of your personal success stories that you can get back to. They can also make you feel good, when you don’t feel like writing a post or doing something else blogging related.

4. Form a support group. When you feel de-motivated, who do you turn to? If you don’t already have anyone to get support from, it’s time start a personal support group.

For instance, you can do this by contacting other bloggers in the same niche as you and start a private Facebook Group. With this group, you could talk important things that are related to the blogging processes or help each other out if things get complicated.

And hey, no-one is stopping you from starting a virtual mastermind group, where you get on the Skype on a consistent basis and talk things out.

5. Hire some help. You could always hire a coach if you’d like to start moving forward faster in your blogging career.

Now, I know that this option can be very expensive.

At the same time, if you can afford it then why not? You’ll notice a much faster progress towards your blogging goals than by doing things yourself.


Although you should have exciting to goals to reach to, it’s the present that matters the most.

That’s why you should learn to love the present and this makes your blogging journey much smoother.

Start a success journal, form a support group or even hire a coach.

With these action steps, your present becomes more enjoyable and you’ll reach your blogging goals much easier.

Over to you: How do you motivate yourself, when you don’t feel like blogging?

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