First Times: Good Signs

Today’s writers advice is aimed mainly at amateurs but may be helpful to those who may hope to go pro some day.  There comes a point in any piece of writing intended for an audience beyond oneself when one has to decide who to show it to. 

In some cases this is an amateur thing.  Should I read at the local Poetry Slam?  Do I dare read my poem aloud to someone I love?

Maybe you have joined a writers group:  Are you ready to expose your work to the others?

It is normally a good sign when anyone feels ready and able to show and share their work.  The reason it is scary is because it opens one up to criticism which, even when constructive, can be upsetting. 

For budding and hopeful professionals being ready to show and share one’s work usually means sending it to the editor or to the agent at the publication or publishing house and see if they say yes and buy it or no.  If one is fortunate when they say no, they may indicate why which is  a form of constructive criticism. 

Late October – quasi random writer tidbits 2013

When information is not linear but all pertains to one concept or just a moment, the result may be poetic:

A jangling jester’s bells

Leaves rustling in the wind

Crows caw

Goats smile and gnaw

What was green is now often a golden yellow

…and then suddenly a link to Atlantis: I wonder if there ever was a real one.  If so, it was just submerged, like many other real places, due to rising sea levels at times of climate change.  If so, it was apparently high tech for the era, which may mean they bothered to cover human feces, or had aquaducts or the wheel and perfume.   Here is a link to a guest post of someone else’s work.

Here is a link to some of my work – not this chat stuff, but actual story.