More Writers Advice

After yesterday’s harrowing look at freelancing let’s tone it way down today and think about writer’s groups.  Writers groups are great for amateurs but not useless for many professionals and hope-to-become professionals. 

Have I belonged to any writer’s groups myself?  Answer: yes, but.  Many years ago now, while in my 20s I tried a local writers group.  I had written before, a little more than what was necessary in a literate culture and good schools.  In this case, by good schools I’m including university, which definitely kept me doing some evaluated writing. 

Around the era in which I was a graduate student in England and mother to a toddler and ‘partnered’ the guy who was my partner had to give me rides most of the time and he brought me to at least one writer’s group at my request. 

I tried it.  It was English people.  It was ok but did not last long.  Much more recently, I have only been involved with online writer’s groups that I found at LinkedIn and I was more active in 2011 and 2012 than in 2013. 

Writer’s groups are recommended as ‘Kosher’ for developing writers.