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Same-sex marriage to be banned in the Church of England and Church in Wales, UK government announces – @BBCNews 

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I saw this Tweet and realized I have too much to say for a Tweet.  There are a few points.  1) I strongly believe that homosexual consenting adults should not be persecuted and should be encouraged to have permanent committed relationships just like heterosexuals and bisexuals. 2) I believe that in many nations the Civil Union is under-discussed because I believe that if properly understood hordes of heterosexuals who are not comfortable with marriage but do want to make sure their lover gets the house if they die unexpectedly should know more about Civil Union and what it can and cannot do for couples.  3) I do not believe that a wedding has to occur in a specific Christian sect or Christian ceremony to have legitimacy but I do believe that Christians weddings are great for Christians.  4) I am in favor of laws to enable legitimate homosexual couples and especially those with children to protect their spouses and loved ones from being abused by relatives if someone dies because someone is homosexual.  I generally support marriage equality laws in the USA, but as I also wrote above – I feel a lot more heterosexuals bisexuals and homosexuals would use Civil Unions if we knew more about it.
Finally, I believe it is factually correct that only about 10% of the adult population of the world is genuinely homosexual and another small but significant percentage are bisexual.  I strongly believe these people should not be persecuted for how they are and that societies should strongly encourage them to behave responsibly in their sexuality just like all adults should.