Fortunately, my father’s still alive

dark starry sky

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That does sound a little strange.  What it really tells you is both that I am thankful for something as ordinary as living parents…but really it also tells you that my parents are both now old enough for such a comment to make sense.


My son introduced me to “ageism” while we were living in Germany.  It led to some good discussions.  Every parent knows that there are very good reasons for limitations and responsibilities for various age groups.  Likewise, every age group has some kind of legitimate need to be appreciated and for there to be some respect for their input.

With young people it’s always hoping and wishing that people will consider hearing their input or even taking seriously something that meant seriously.

With middle aged people, it mainly wishing that the young would still heed sound advice, but sometimes it’s something else, like whether or not the old people are worth listening to or not.

The elderly have the double edged situation of being well honored by many and esteemed for supposed or real wisdom …and having issues about what no longer works because of the recent changes in the world, and discerning between the two.  They often want to be respected, heard and understood by both young and middle aged people.  They have numerous concerns.

My Dad

Like most of you, I have both a Heavenly and an Earthly father.  Sometimes they tell me the same thing or give the same advice.

Today, the 6th of January 2019 is my Earthly father’s 87th birthday.  Now, ageism aside, he’s old enough to be considered elderly.  I think one of the kinds of things that’s happening, is that now that he is this old he realizes that he is no more interested in dying this young as he was at ages 20 and 40 years.

My father tends to be rather futuristic and forward thinking; this has often been a very pleasurable quality, especially for the young.

The dark image

The real reason for the dark image is because this year, this day occurs on the new moon.  In practical terms this means it will be the darkest night of the month, and all that that implies.  In contrast, the famous full moons make the brightest nights of the month and again, all that implies.

Just thinking about walking around at night?

Odds of survival for which species?

It may really depend on the amount of light from the Moon.  All moonshine and moonlighting references ….mmm, acknowledged in “age appropriate ways”.

Well, that’s it really

That’s really it: I just wanted to share the joy that today is my father’s birthday and that unlike all the middle aged old people who use Facebook who remember their dead parents on such days, I am grateful that my parents are still alive and fairly healthy in their 80s….At least this year, still.