Five Big Questions in Life – book review


The 5 Big Questions In Life

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ISBN: 978-1-61720-864-5

Many have the questions; but very few have the answers. Among the few; Miriam Pia stands out with her book: The 5 Big Questions In Life. This is your opportunity to learn Philosophy which she has defined as ‘the love of wisdom.’ Simplified, but still with a professional touch.

In this exciting philosophy, Miriam also brings in the old timers; Socrates and his student Plato. The highlight is; Plato was rich and Socrates was poor.That is the point Miriam is highlighting as being evidence that Philosophy is free to practice and is useful to people who have money as well as those who don’t. Of course she studied Philosophy the Plato way – she paid for it – up to Masters Level with Middlesex University. But she is encouraging you to digest this book should you not be in a position to afford tertiary education.

Most importantly, the book takes you from the history of Western philosophy, Eastern philosophy and the founding Greek philosophy to the present day phenomenon.

The book is not only asking what the world is really like. How do we know what we know, whether God exists, the best way to live, what defines the Good and Evil; it is also about answering those questions. Justa glimpse on the best way to live; Miriam shares that sexual love, romance, a sense of the morality surrounding those involved and any children who show up is also a very major and important part of people practicing their best way to live.People need to be safe: traditional forms of family; represented by marriage, is one of the best ways for people to be safe to have sex.Like it or not, this is a truth. All in The Big5 Questions in Life.

Blessings S. Makanani

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Review of Available material



When you are in the market for something to read, I want to know.  Admittedly, I want to know because I want to know if my work is a match for your needs. 

Contemporary fiction novels: urban, mysterious, uses a group – you can decide which one you feel is the lead, of good guys.  You may conclude that the attorney is the lead because he arranges the meetings.  How about right about 300 pages?  There are a few ways that you can get it.  If you are the type of person who loves ‘bootlegs’ and ‘independent’ or ‘small time’ artists, then you can check out the messy but real wild Cafe Press version of An Adventure in Indianapolis.


If you need more order but are not a neat freak – so to speak, and have a Kindle then the ebook you can get through or directly through your Kindle might suit you.


If you strongly prefer nice tidy books, then the thing to do is contact Alethia Publishing and pre-order it so they will send you one ‘hot off the presses’ so to speak.  That’s 


If fiction rubs you the wrong way and you feel ‘practical is better’ then I strongly suggest you go ahead and buy Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them.  It is short, dense with important information and tackles intense questions such as ‘Is there a God?’ and ‘Are right and wrong eternal or only relative?”.