Naming in the USA & in Germany

I didn’t even watch this prior to posting it. What I can tell you is that in Indianapolis hardly anyone other than my son was called Sven. I know that in Minnesota the descendants of other Scandinavians (NW Europeans) are often called Sven. Here in Germany, there are at least 4 Sven’s in the little village we live in.

I have been getting used to many of the other names. At first they sound like a joke someone has told you when a little drunk in a pub or something like that, but after a while you realize they aren’t kidding, and that’s what they are called.

Two of my first cousins are binationals of the USA and Norway. They grew up in California being called Tove and Hans which is strange, but when they go to Norway they have very normal names.

Have fun with this, may as well.