Pop Culture – Transcultural: why does that character sound like that?

During the years in Germany I have watched more films and TV that were either made in German or a different language other than English than ever before. I think before then, I had only seen the film “The gods must be crazy” as I was not ever a big foreign films buff.

There are a few factors involved with cross cultural mass media. One issue for mass media is dubbing and translation. So far, what I have found has been that when I see and hear a Hollywood movie with German dubbing on that I never saw in English, the dubbing is weird for me but only because I am not German. Or so I think. However, once I know the original it becomes clear that the dubbed voices are not the ones that seem to really belong to the characters.

There is at least one German voice, sadly his voice is not all that impressive, which gets a lot of work dubbing German for the movies. I am now able to recognize that man’s voice as I have heard it in many Hollywood movies when German dubbing is on. I have no idea what his name is or what he looks like but hope it pays decently and am impressed that he has been able to get a lot of work that way.

When the alternatives are Japanese, Norwegian, or Chinese or Turkish, I tend to enthusiastically select German although I did watch some Norwegian and a couple of years ago I heard Tibetan on YouTube and felt German was only slightly less confusing but did not sound as good to me.

When the alternative is English I will pick that most of the time but choose German enough to help me to continue to improve my German especially as my neighbors need me to speak German if we are to understand one another in daily conversation.

I studied Spanish in school having not foreseen ever needing more than about 10 words of German in my entire life, even though I have been planning and expecting to live to about 85 years +/- 5 years unless bad fortune or bonus good longevity make it otherwise. I did also study some Latin & French and have learned at least one word of 23 languages so far, but now I know more German than Spanish.

Life sometimes does that to people. Sometimes people are allowed to have the plans they make actually work and other times Life or other people or their inner saboteur makes peoples’ lives unlike what they had had in mind for themselves.

The messy process of writing a book: outtake

Some of you are aware that lately I have been editing a science fiction novel.  There has been some drama about that during the past two weeks and also some progress.

The drama is not nearly as drastic – thank God/ess, as the action along the plot line of the novel itself.

At the moment, the interstellar mercenary order has switched back from being called the Black Hawks to what I called them 20 years ago now: the Children of Loki.  They are nothing like the mythological children of that Norse rascal-god Loki we have seen in the recent Thor movies, but, while I don’t like evil, I am impressed by a great mage and given the reality of my culture, I like that he used cleverness to solve problems when straight forward methods might not work.  I like what Loki was like before he ‘went bad’ and still wonder whether the painful truth is that he went that evil or whether it was like when we see whoever is the American President done up as a demon or as Hitler which I have seen on Facebook about both George Bush Jr. and President Obama, so being Democrat or Republican doesn’t prevent the propagandization of criticism of the President.  Obviously the Thor movies do follow the line that the myths presented that Loki went pretty much nuts and evil.  While he does make a good movie villain, it’s too bad.

The Children of Loki mercenary order is not an agent of evil, but it is a rough and dirty type of situation where good manages to triumph over evil but how so, gets nastier than most civilized people would prefer.

Movies etc. Nov. 2013

The above is a clip of one of the handsome actors used in a Hollywood movie.  I noticed that starring heroines and heroes are usually gorgeous.  So, instead of: isn’t that amazing that he’s handsome and had a major role in a movie?  It’s more like: well, luckily, he’s handsome enough that they might let him have a good role – as long as he can also really act and whatever else they have to do (which might be a lot, not sure).

Anyway, I plan to see the latest Thor movie that he’s in if I can.  However much I do want people to buy my novel and my books and let me get paid well and to be at least semi-famous, I will probably still like Hollywood action movies even when the grandchildren have to push my wheel chair it’s my once a year outing from the old peoples’ home…and they take me to a big adventure film.  Maybe it will be in 3D in like 2040.  In the 2050s I will really be an elderly woman as long as I live that long.  I hope I have loving friends and get to be happy otherwise I might get really bad and be the old drugged woman who gropes the 30 year old male nurses at the old peoples’ home.  Ugh.

Weekend Blogging: kaleidescopes

Most of  you know about kaleidescopes.  This blog may amount to little else with short fractal comments that amount to some form of quasi-poetic image.

Will Hiddleston end up type cast from having played Loki in the Thor trilogy?  More importantly, has he been forced into an alliance with an unChristian and powerful spiritual force beyond his own control from being in a pagan film?  Does Brad Pitt have a similar problem from having been Thor?!

Celebrity gossip: why do we do it?  In truth, I don’t do it that much…but if I emerge from an unfamous position into some fame, will people gossip about me?  I have heard that Oscar Wilde – I think, wrote that as long as people are talking about one, it is best to be glad.

Yesterday I watched a movie that really impressed me because I felt it proved that both a woman and a man can actually act.  The reason is that I felt they did a good job and at some point realized that I saw this woman who played a waitress, stripper, lover, model and inspiration for a man’s fictional character was the same woman who played Princess Amadala and was the woman physicist in the Thor movie.  Mm, gods, she can actually act!

My 17 year old son and I enjoyed breakfast together in person.  I called him Your Grace again.  I served him breakfast in bed but it was humble peanut butter and nutella (American and German!) in a German village in the Lower Saxony. 

Gawd, did we read way too many history books or watch too many movies – I’m from central New York state, what the H happened to cause me to find myself in a Saxony in the early 21st century.  It seems crazy, without inspecting how this happened. 

There are paintings and small sculptures decorating some of the walls of my little home.  I am really glad because I like art.  What is both good and bad about it, is that I made most of it myself. 

It really impresses me and I am grateful to see more people have discovered this blog.  Right now it may be a little confusing.

I have to do more work on Gezka and Kiel who are science fiction star characters, but The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead and Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them are both for sale right now.  The former is up for pre-sale of a nice hard cover, whereas the latter is a handy soft cover you can even roll it up and stick into your pocket if you have one of those coats with the large spacious side pockets big enough for hats and gloves.

Mädchen 2

This evening’s blog is an informal movie review.  Here in this part of Germany now, the movie industry has obviously felt the force of the Americans, with Hollywood films now dominating the racks at the library.  Even so, there are still ‘real German movies’ and Bollywood and other foreign films.  I have seen two Chinese movies, and a Bollywood film and many American movies and at least 10 German movies since I moved here.

This time, I watched Mädchen Mädchen, which is a comedy starring 4 young women as they confront the adventure of romance or the longing for it.  They are contemporary – meaning that they at least try working for pay and are educated and all of that.  They share a flat as none of them can afford to go it alone.

I did not understand everything that was said but liked it anyways.  That being said I did not have my ‘harsh critic’ hat on at the time.

Current Chat: SF film festival, Chernobyl radiation, etc.

Here at home in a German village there have been lots of movies.  There is still a problem receiving the satellite service we have been paying for over a year, but there is video available.   These past few days have been X-Men and some Star Trek…Next Gen style Trek.

Generational markers:  I am old enough to have watched lots of re-runs of the original Star Trek and my lover and I used to argue about whether or not to watch Next Gen even though our toddler was in the room.  That toddler, now a teen vaguely recognizes Next Gen Trek and has managed to hear of the original Star Trek but isn’t really “pre-Internet like that”.   For his generation that whole Soviet Cold War Giant Wall in Germany is like a ghost or like a nothing that is still so alive in the memories of older people who lived it that he knows it was real but it was all over before he was born.

The nuclear accident last year, http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuklearkatastrophe_von_Fukushima won’t be going away but will be moving on just like everything else…meanwhile, do check out  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9Ts18dxuH0  Unfortunately that is pretty much the truth.

In fiction: the bad news is that Erik, aka Magneto just got worse despite growing more powerful – I had hoped he would heal and keep some power, so that proved to be disappointing.  The good news is that in the Star Trek film, Commander Data saved the Enterprise, even from the Borg – apparently, due to being a unique but synthetic entity and attractive to the borg’s  Queen Bee, so to speak.