Writer’s Advice 2014

Today’s topic is: how to connect writer’s to publishers.

There are multiple means to meet editors and publishers nowadays.  In truth, people continue to respond well to in person contact.  There may be conventions, writer’s retreats or conferences you can attend to further your writing goals.  There may be connections through writer’s groups and even writing classes at a local university. 

There are some other methods.  One of these is to call people at organizations and ask about their needs or pitch your ideas.  How easy this is may vary from person to person. 

Another method is to write to people at magazines.  There is something called a Letter of Introduction that is often used by freelancers in the industry.  As with so many other relationships, when it works something longer term often results.  Many writers eagerly seek to build a clientele of editors who tend to accept their work. 

Following submissions guidelines at publishing houses is another simple rule to follow.

Of course one can also search online.  There are several online freelancing services, but there are also ways to contact literary agents and publishers online.