Thumbs up on Feedback! 2013

Image  The image is an experiment conducted in November, using the ‘paint’ program on this laptop.  I had not tried it before.  I do not feel it went well.

Today, I wish to thank those who have posted a comment or given the thumbs up or even thumbs down to any posts.  Like all the other writers – I can’t do it without readers.  I mean, I can but when I do it is like the one about a tree falling in the forest that no one hears.  OK, I admit that my personal diaries are intended to be private, but I do a lot of writing that is absolutely meant to be interactive in that real readers are needed and wanted. 

Remember that you are welcome to check out other posts of the same blog and let me know what you think.  At the moment, there was one day in February 2012 that ‘got the most hits’ but I don’t even understand why that day went so well.  I suspect I bid online for writing contracts and mentioned the blog or included a photo of someone more famous or the headline was awesome or something like that. 

Back in Saxon Utopia, so to speak, two people just went by on horseback as dusk is happening early here today in the village.