Days and Daze


We start out days by waking up.  Often we get lots of indication of ourselves for any given day.  Not every day has been the same.  Lots have to do with major stages of life.  Health has a great deal to do with it; the next question always seems to be “Am I well rested?” or “Am I in the middle of a dream cycle?”

A lot of adults have learned to think in terms of “working days” ….contrasted with “days of not working”; as it turns out “days or working” and “days of not working” are both more complicated than each phrase initially suggests.

Then of course, there is working days rather than working nights and weekends.

Days 2

Waking may occur before, during or after dawn.  Personally, my preference is to wake right around dawn.  That means during the Winter I’m “off” my natural cycle or sleeping in late enough to get into trouble with many others.

People who cope with working nights normally wake up after dawn, well after it in fact.  Waking up well rested,  well adjusted to working 2nd or 3rd shift with 3 to 4 hours to go before the children get home from school, another few hours before leaving for work….having seen the spouse in the morning; a spouse who will be entrusted with the children once off to work.

Waking up late with a hangover realizing that it also means one has failed to show up at work on time while horribly lonely is a radically different experience.

Days 3

Days can be almost intolerably long or can zoom by at a frantic pace, loaded with awareness and business the entire time.

One great question I invite you all to answer in the comments section:  what makes a day seem longer to you?

The reason I ask is that I have found that sometimes the longest days are when nothing is going on, but other times it seems to be caused by having a little too much going on.

In my own life, so far, I used to say the longest year of my life was the year I was pregnant: I think it’s because I kept asking myself how far along I was every 3 minutes or else it was because the foetus quadrupled in size and complexity every 5 minutes.


Boredom, illness, sleep….Trapped in some hellish job or in an entire lifestyle that just feels like a trap.  Any of these may cause a daze.

“Dazed and confused for so long its all true: wanted a woman, never bargained for you…”

Late at night, overtired and intoxicated at the same time while listening with poor concentration to someone talking about an uninteresting subject.  This may be experienced as a daze.

Overwhelmingly happy, just married and at the reception the daughter-father dance went incredibly well.  The best man is holding up the groom, as the groom is dazed by the surreal stunning beauty of his now-wife.  His now father-in-law has said something kind about him during his speech which seems like a definite miracle after having felt despised by the same man the whole time he courted the woman who is now his wife.

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Fortunately, my father’s still alive

dark starry sky

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That does sound a little strange.  What it really tells you is both that I am thankful for something as ordinary as living parents…but really it also tells you that my parents are both now old enough for such a comment to make sense.


My son introduced me to “ageism” while we were living in Germany.  It led to some good discussions.  Every parent knows that there are very good reasons for limitations and responsibilities for various age groups.  Likewise, every age group has some kind of legitimate need to be appreciated and for there to be some respect for their input.

With young people it’s always hoping and wishing that people will consider hearing their input or even taking seriously something that meant seriously.

With middle aged people, it mainly wishing that the young would still heed sound advice, but sometimes it’s something else, like whether or not the old people are worth listening to or not.

The elderly have the double edged situation of being well honored by many and esteemed for supposed or real wisdom …and having issues about what no longer works because of the recent changes in the world, and discerning between the two.  They often want to be respected, heard and understood by both young and middle aged people.  They have numerous concerns.

My Dad

Like most of you, I have both a Heavenly and an Earthly father.  Sometimes they tell me the same thing or give the same advice.

Today, the 6th of January 2019 is my Earthly father’s 87th birthday.  Now, ageism aside, he’s old enough to be considered elderly.  I think one of the kinds of things that’s happening, is that now that he is this old he realizes that he is no more interested in dying this young as he was at ages 20 and 40 years.

My father tends to be rather futuristic and forward thinking; this has often been a very pleasurable quality, especially for the young.

The dark image

The real reason for the dark image is because this year, this day occurs on the new moon.  In practical terms this means it will be the darkest night of the month, and all that that implies.  In contrast, the famous full moons make the brightest nights of the month and again, all that implies.

Just thinking about walking around at night?

Odds of survival for which species?

It may really depend on the amount of light from the Moon.  All moonshine and moonlighting references ….mmm, acknowledged in “age appropriate ways”.

Well, that’s it really

That’s really it: I just wanted to share the joy that today is my father’s birthday and that unlike all the middle aged old people who use Facebook who remember their dead parents on such days, I am grateful that my parents are still alive and fairly healthy in their 80s….At least this year, still.

Spiritual Tidbits 2

When is now?

Tevet 5778

Anno Dominae (Year of Our Lord aka Christian Era) 2019

Now is always just the present moment, in whatever language.

After the Mayan Calendar has run out.

What would Jesus the Messiah think of Zen?

It might be possible to practice Christianity with a few elements of the basic awareness insights popularized in Zen.  However, it would be wiser to shy away from the whole matter, lest it be a means of being seduced away from Yeshua the Messhiah.

Zen Christianity should be recognized as distinct from Zen Buddhism, but still involving Zen.  Aside from the koans: what is the sound of one hand clapping?  What is the sound of 2 elderly men napping?  If a tree falls in the forest but no one hears it, did it make a sound?…..My own very limited insight into Zen is revealed in the following examples:

The fact that I got and left when So-n-So arrived was caused by interpersonal emotions as many had believed, but was actually simply my reaction to the draft of air coming in through the front door in relation to where I had been sitting.  I realized this once at age 7 years but forgot all about the truth of until I was 47.

God’s Location

For many, in the beginning of awareness God is an external being.  It is true that one reason the RC church so admires mother Mary is because most people first learn what love is, what right and wrong are and about God through the mother.  Obviously, also with babies, mothers are both the source of one’s very flesh and of nourishment.

Fathers are not irrelevant, but they also kindle something reminiscent of the other relationship to God as external to oneself: the father is just as real but not connected the way the mother is.  Also a course of one’s very flesh and protection, loving guidance and all the rest but there is almost a gulf of distance between every baby and the father when contrasted to the state of mother and baby.  However, just as the distance increases between mother and child once someone is born alive; the distance to father can decrease, often for the first time since the conception.

Similarly, God can be perceived as being as external yet intimately involved as parents.

Holy Ghost

There are also people who experience initiation and revelation of God which enables people to perceive God as residing both externally but also internally.  Be careful not to draw the Luciferian wrong conclusion.  Having the spark of the divine within and having been made in God’s image, being able to internalize the teachings of God and all of that can all contribute to a sense of having God as indwelling.

Imbibing the Eucharist is also taking in Jesus, after the same manner that when we eat and drink what was not-us is separated into what becomes us for a while, and waste.

People who have the Holy Spirit initiation are blessed with being able to experience indwelling God along the same lines as breathing but instead of the problematic Devil in the air it’s God.

Diverse Manifestations

The Holy Spirit can manifest very subtly and quite the opposite.  The arrival of the Holy Spirit in the book of Matthew, immediately following baptism by ‘John the Baptist’ (who was a Jew preaching repentance of sins in the wilderness), Jesus began to manifest spiritual powers: miracle works: healings, raising from the dead, cleansing lepers and casting out of demons from people suffering from possession.

The Holy Spirit is known to trigger and release healings that are 100% medically verifiable, but not explainable this year via ‘establishment medicine’.  It should be noted that in the event that God’s healing methods come into understanding that will in no way detract from their efficacy nor from their reality as divine healing power.

The Holy Spirit can cause visions (private revelations), but not hallucinations; repentance, complete and spontaneous healings, and changes in awareness of a different nature.

Sometimes the Holy Spirit can just make a family dinner go more smoothly.

True to Life Anecdote

At a believer’s convention with more than 10,000 guests:  one believer who has been diagnosed with a type of cancer and has only 6 weeks to live is suddenly hurled across the stage, rolls into and bumps his head against the leg of the on-stage piano.  Despite the physical discomfort, when that person stands up, he is 100% cancer free.  That’s the Holy Spirit.

Does Adult Development Really Exist? 2014

While growing up, most of the developmental changes are so obvious there is not much question about their reality.  Once grown up there is a lot of psycho-social pain associated with ways in which we have tended to be competitive and changes that seem more like signs of degeneration than progression. 

Personally I believe that adults can continue to develop and grow and not only age and degenerate. 

Whether or not adulthood is easier than childhood seems to vary from person to person.  During my childhood I foresaw that my adult life would be awash with glory and joy and success.  While my adult life so far has not just been ‘a total wash out’, it has not been as good as I had intended, hoped and also tried to make be the case.  Some of what I have liked the most so far was spontaneous stuff that came up along the way and some has been times when I managed to do at least something along the lines of what I had planned for myself. 

To clarify.  Back in my early 30s I had for a job one of those spontaneous ‘nothing to do with what I’d planned but pretty pleasant’ types of day jobs.  It was seasonal and so when it rained we called the day ‘a wash out’ and didn’t work.  That was what I meant.

Blog Blog Bling 2013

One big question is ‘how to grow a blog audience while actually being myself’.  Catchy titles are a big help.  This is one of those items that doesn’t change from age 18 on.  In fact, it doesn’t even change before then, but you know how we learn some stuff as adults and then: some of it changes and some doesn’t and it isn’t all only about whether or not someone got a grey hair or gained or lost weight.  Some of it is how we understand life.  There are principles about ‘how life works’ that don’t change and that can get boring over the decades but not everything does. 

Luckily, it doesn’t all get boring. 

In truth, I don’t usually know who reads the blog except of unless you click on something at your end that makes it clear that you have.  Once or twice I had an experience where I met up with a woman in person who had read the blog in between and I was pleased but a little shocked, just because that hadn’t really happened to me before. 

I’m not sure whether or not it will happen again, or if so, how much.

Halloween 3: I did not expect that to be the case 2013

Astoundingly, when I arrived on 1 November in Indianapolis, Indiana it turned out that Halloween was going on.  The city had a weather problem the day before and rescheduled Halloween because of that.  Due to that, in 2013 I saw children in costumes going around asking for treats for the first time…well, there were a few who did so the first year I was in Germany but it is not so popular there. 

You have probably heard the sayings ‘There is no going back’ and also that ‘You can never step into the same river twice’.  Well, the no going back thing is about the second saying in some cases.  Even being here this long has changed the situation. 

I have missed home and my son and have really liked being back in my native nation in a city in which I lived for 10 years, but I am  not in the right part of town in that, I am not in the part of town with which I have the most experience. 

A Little Ramble with a Writer

Most of you are aware that this is the blog of a writer.  Is that all there is to me?  I hope to God/ess not!!  Philosophy is a specialty as is fiction writing.  In reality, sometimes I also paint.  The painting has not earned me money.  Writing and philosophy have earned me more than being a part time gardener for wealthy clients in Indianapolis, thanks to Ye Olde Greene Thumb and Paula Baumgartner …It took a while, but now the truth is that I have earned more writing than gardening professionally but have still earned more gardening than teaching philosophy or selling books of philosophy I have actually authored.  Tremendous insights can be gained from many types of work if one takes a certain attitude towards the efforts.  Paula and a number of the other women on the crew in 2002 also write and edit professionally in English.  Strange, perhaps, but the truth.  Others would just laugh and think ‘Of course the poor writer needs an additional source of income’ – ha ha, how funny to imagine otherwise…We have heard that JK Rowling has been such a poor writer and single Mum as to have been reduced to living out of her car and went on to achieve billionaire status by delighting generations with the Harry Potter stories…and during the past decade has been so rich she gave loads of money away to help others and she is still rich even though she did.  Wow.

Hopefully, in 2013 I will have enough luck that I am able to do some author’s talks and book signings and sell some copies of the humble philosophy starter book Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them.  If you are intrigued and curious about philosophy but put off by tomes of knowledge this book is for you.  Also, if you have entered college freshman philosophy and could use some supplemental help, this book is also for you.  You can get yours now, right here:

Five Big Questions in Life


Five Big Questions In Life

Publication date: 2012 Wilder Publishing

Many have the questions; but very few have the answers. Among the few; Miriam Pia stands out with her book: The 5 Big Questions In Life. This is your opportunity to learn Philosophy which she has defined as ‘the love of wisdom.’ Simplified, but still with a professional touch.

In this exciting philosophy, Miriam also brings in the old timers; Socrates and his student Plato. The highlight is; Plato was rich and Socrates was poor. That is the point Miriam is highlighting as being evidence that Philosophy is free to practice and is useful to people who have money as well as those who don’t. Of course she studied Philosophy the Plato way – she paid for it – up to Masters Level with Middlesex University. But she is encouraging you to digest this book should you not be in a position to afford tertiary education.

Most importantly, the book takes you from the history of Western philosophy, Eastern philosophy and the founding Greek philosophy to the present day phenomenon.

The book is not only asking what the world is really like. How do we know what we know, whether God exists, the best way to live, what defines the Good and Evil; it is also about answering those questions. Just a glimpse on the best way to live; Miriam shares that sexual love, romance, a sense of the morality surrounding those involved and any children who show up is also a very major and important part of people practicing their best way to live. People need to be safe: traditional forms of family; represented by marriage, is one of the best ways for people to be safe to have sex. Like it or not, this is a truth. All in The Big5 Questions in Life.

Blessings S. Makanani

Freelance Writer.