Why I didn’t blog yesterday – I was with Gezka & Kiel

Apologies to anyone who feels even remotely offended or neglected from the absence of a blog post. 

After a few days of having neglected them, I finally wrote through another couple of days of the Gezka and Kiel science fiction novel. 

Right now, there is a debate about whether to call the novel and the mercenary order that Gezka and Kiel lead ‘The Children of Loki’ or ‘The Black Hawk Mercenary Order’.   Both are good for pretty different reasons.  With Loki’s children it is obviously a mythological reference whereas Black Hawk helicopters are world famous for their usefulness in war in the present day and doubling as a predatory bird.  Well now that I’ve spelled out the obvious, I’m not sure what else to write.

I worked on the novel for a few hours yesterday but not until evening instead of during normal work hours.