Helps: a spiritual gift 2019

Helping as a spiritual gift

There are a number of spiritual gifts taught in Christianity.  If you haven’t been taught them at church, you can look them up online.  There are different kinds; some are important but may appear to you as mundane or utterly natural.  Others are wild and involve Christian Magic, otherwise known as miracles.

Pretty much everyone has one or more spiritual gift.  Whether or not you are a very religious person, you and people you know may well have one or more of these gifts.  They may come across as natural and they may feel natural.  It could even be you.  I think it was at a website called that I heard a wise man say: Often, when operating in your spiritual gifting it will feel effortless.  It may be one of your traits about which people might say “your God given gifts”.

One of these gifts is the gift of helps.


Yes, that’s really what it’s called.  It really is what it’s called.  You helped your Dad wash the car, or helped your relative take care of the children so they could go do something else.

There was a needy person, and someone helped that person in some way.  It may have been giving the person money, or a helping them to get a job.

Helps is really marvelous, but may be experienced as so humble it can be glossed over.

One of the ways that I have been a recipient of this gift is when I dropped one of my gloves, and a stranger picked it up, or even just pointed it out to me which effectively prevented me from losing something.

In truth, I have also had several jobs in which I really mostly just helped others or another to do something or to get something done.

Everyone can do this and it operates through degrees.

You mean

Yes, that’s just one example of how to spot spiritual gifts in operation on a daily basis.  This could have a distinctively spiritual or religious feeling: like praying for people or giving alms, or helping out at your church.  Other times, it just happens: someone helps you, or you help someone.

It is that simple.

Final Note

Good deeds are always good, but everything done for God is supernatural whether it looks that way or not.

Boxing Day 2018

Back to work already?

Today, while going about my business I came across some people who were already back at work after the holiday.  I was a little surprised by some of what they told me.

The reason I was surprised was simply because I am the kind of person who genuinely loves having time with relatives and friends at the holiday.  I’m sure I’m one of hundreds of millions of people who feel the same way.  However, I am happy to report that some of the people who were already back at work felt pretty okay or even better about being there.  It was just that I had expected that either they would feel as if they had to lie to me about it, or that most of the people who worked today would have been miserable about not having had more time to enjoy their relatives and friends.

Christmas Day

Due to my personal preferences and stage in life and spiritual interest, I actually spent almost the entire day on Jesus.  Again, I’m sure that my being actively oriented that way at the religious holiday commemorating Jesus’s birth is something that hundreds of millions of people around the world also did, but for me it was somewhat special because it was voluntary and I did it that much more than I have done most years so far in my life.

If you did to, I hope you felt wonderful about it.

Good wishes

This is just to wish you all well, and hope that you are either continuing to enjoy what Christmas does to your life and the lives of those you love, or that you are glad that the craziness has already passed you by.

Chaos Blog Post

This post is not pre-planned.  It is actually Christmas.  The people who care are Christians and people who live in Christian nations who are culturally conditioned to celebrate Christmas.

This year I would like to share with you the same way I shared with my 17 year old.  We know this is Jesus Christ’s official birthday.  The real reason he was born in a manger is because his parents did not make reservations and the town they went to was packed for the Census.  Given that Jesus was born, he may have been counted in the Census.  In 2012, I believe a baby being born during the Census, especially if it is within 2 days of when the Census takers come around…back in 2010 the USA had another Census…it was that.  He was born just in time to be counted.

As an aside note…another benefit of the simple fact that I read more of The Bible this past year….He and John the Baptist were cousins.  The mothers spent a few months together during their pregnancies.  It is just that until I read about that, I had been oblivious of the obvious connection.

According to scripture the method for showing Jesus your personal love is the same for all: practice the old Jewish 10 Commandments and then on top of all that, practice JC’s teachings.  From the perspective of a mushy Pooh bear hugging young child that seems really abstract…It is a lot if someone says “If you love me obey the law.”  It is OK, and I understand he meant it, and those who practice the teachings reap the benefits of doing so,…I assume over 1 billion people do a good job practicing Christianity daily and that leaves another billion Christians not doing as well but still making some effort to practice.  Think about that in practical terms.  When 2 billion people abide by a set of behavior standards daily it makes a difference.  It is just planet Earth but every little drop in the bucket adds up to the oceanic effect, so to speak.

Merry Christmas.