Hello, out there!! Did anyone even notice me?

Today, I finally realized that there is an indicator the system has built in to tell whether or not anyone even notices and bothers to read the blog.  It being the system, it applies to you and your friend’s mother’s uncle’s granddaughter’s blog to. 

Not meaning to whine, I am happy to see that there are real people out there – if that’s really you, then that really does mean you, you have read it and are interested at least some of the time. 

Being a writer, it doesn’t work that well without readers. 

More about story:  Where did the name Tutweiler Buckhead come from?  Tutweiler Buckhead is the mysterious villain in The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead aka An Adventure in Indianapolis.  In truth, I had a small professional writing contract in which I wrote about real estate in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia area.  As I lived in Indianapolis at the time, I had to research to do it, but thanks to the power of the Internet I could still do it.  Buckhead is a nice neighborhood.  If I recall correctly it is rather higher than lower in the middle class but really is just a middle class neighborhood – for anyone who has bumped into actual rich people and seen how they live.  Rich people, remember, are only about 4% of the entire population, so either most of us have met that same one rich person, or haven’t met anyone rich ever, in person.  Anyway, Buckhead is not that fancy, but is quite ritzy compared to what both the poor and lower middle class have. 

Anyway, that’s the villain’s surname.  I just wanted, as an artist, for the character to have a really fabulous name.  It was not a conscious nor unconscious comment on class issues, to give him that name.  

Hope you all enjoyed that moment of ‘inside scoop – the mind of an author’.

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