Boxing Day 2018

Back to work already?

Today, while going about my business I came across some people who were already back at work after the holiday.  I was a little surprised by some of what they told me.

The reason I was surprised was simply because I am the kind of person who genuinely loves having time with relatives and friends at the holiday.  I’m sure I’m one of hundreds of millions of people who feel the same way.  However, I am happy to report that some of the people who were already back at work felt pretty okay or even better about being there.  It was just that I had expected that either they would feel as if they had to lie to me about it, or that most of the people who worked today would have been miserable about not having had more time to enjoy their relatives and friends.

Christmas Day

Due to my personal preferences and stage in life and spiritual interest, I actually spent almost the entire day on Jesus.  Again, I’m sure that my being actively oriented that way at the religious holiday commemorating Jesus’s birth is something that hundreds of millions of people around the world also did, but for me it was somewhat special because it was voluntary and I did it that much more than I have done most years so far in my life.

If you did to, I hope you felt wonderful about it.

Good wishes

This is just to wish you all well, and hope that you are either continuing to enjoy what Christmas does to your life and the lives of those you love, or that you are glad that the craziness has already passed you by.

Today’s Comments

Duh factor

Today I have had a “duh factor” event.  “Duh” as many of you know, is a common Americanism in which something stupid happened, or someone finally has a realization that makes him or her feel temporary stupidity.

My “Duh factor event” today was that I finally found the notifications here at the blog and therefore finally read your comments.  Due to what happened, I apologize to all of you who responded to me weeks ago without my having even realized that you had bothered to reply, especially since your acknowledgement is part of what keeps me going with blogging.  Aside from that, thank you everyone who read a post, liked it and bothered to respond in some tangible manner.  Most of you also know that however much we try to believe the “stats” we are all justifiably suspicious that somehow the information exchange feedback is not entirely accurate.

After the Duh

In reality, like so many of you, I seem to “get” some aspects of how to use this technology very easily but not “getting” the whole thing, or all aspects of how to make the best use of online systems all at once.

While living in Germany, there were at least 6 months when I learned and figured out something new about how to get around online every day.  Other times, I don’t learn at that pace.

Also like most of the rest of you, when I go to do something only to discover that I have to learn a lot just to do it, I sometimes get a little freaked out and try to learn as rapidly as possible.  During such times, I often get somewhat worked up and easily frustrated with myself for not already knowing how to.


Today is just today.  I perused around a little bit, wondering if I would easily find great inspiration for a new blog post.  I don’t feel that much as if I did.

Despite that, I wanted to make some attempt to connect with whoever reads this, inspired by the recent increase in traffic and feedback, according to the stats.

This Christmas

For me personally, the saddest aspects of this Christmas are that I am not going to be able to include in person: my husband, my son, and maybe not my father and his wife and 2nd wife (now an ex, but the live out stepmother of most of my childhood with whom I am still in touch).  The thing is that the reason I can’t include my husband is sordid, and weird.  In truth, I was last married in 2005.  I finally nearly got remarried in 2016.  I won’t go into it further aside from sharing with you that I am very glad my ex-husband is alive and having reasonably good luck being married to someone other than me, although I would have preferred for him to succeed at being my husband rather than someone else’s for 5 decades of more instead.  Still, I strongly prefer this to either of us being dead.  The rest of them, I just have the problem of suffering from limitations of transportation or funding for transportation.

The best news for me about this Christmas is that I will be able to spend time in person with my mother.  I am old enough to be very grateful that my parents are still alive and lucid.  My mother is in excellent condition for her age, and my father is in ok condition sort of for his age.  They are in their 80s.  As well as that, I was able to get my son some presents, about which I am very grateful and happy.  He is an adult now, by the way.

To the rest of you, I hope that you find a happiness during this time o year, whether you have a religious epiphany or a spiritual breakthrough or even just a good time with relatives….Kind words between you and your mother-in-law for example, or forgiveness between siblings.

God bless you this Christmas.


Thursday, shortly after Christmas 2013

One question is always about ‘narrative voice’ for writers.  This is the case both when it comes to writing nonfiction and fiction.  This issue can be a little complex mainly due to two or three closely related factors.  Finding, nurturing and using one’s unique voice is especially important for singers and writers.  Of course it matters for people in general, but there is a lot of talk about it for singers and writers.

With writers, it is a little trickier in that publications often have their own established style and want their writers to fit in.  Also, ghostwriters may be asked to hide their own voice or to deny that it is themselves, because the ghostwriter is often not the official author.  There are gracious and generous authors who do give their ghostwriter some degree of credit for their help.  Ghostwriting is not authoring because ghostwriters write for a fee some work that he or she would not have written on their own.  A ghostwriter may handle only a small amount of the work or do the vast majority and often it is in between. 

To completely change the subject: many people who have guests in from out of town for this holiday still have them there whereas others have said goodbye.  Either way, the energy has shifted, since most of the Christmas presents for this year have not been given and received and there has been some level of feedback about them. 

Out there somewhere in it all, are the voices of the writers who wrote articles for this season that have appeared throughout the world.  Some wrote the article last Summer, or half a year ago.  Others dug out something years old and managed to sell it to a magazine this year.  There are many that were written this year, shortly before the holiday but more were prepared months in advance than I had ever realized when I was young. 

Somewhere, for people we may or may not know, this week he or she discovered that unique artistic ‘voice’ for the first time.  Maybe it was a poem or a short story or essay or novel, but there it is and the author is transformed.

Congratulations to everyone who has found that creative voice.

Freebies and special offers

Freebies and special offers

Hello again, in late January 2019.  Today, there is a little more ‘sharing’.  This time it is that you may look into some online ‘deals’ using the link above.  It just means that we are connected in some way.  I’m not sure which of you out there would be interested.

Included in this shop-a-thon, are this: Five Big Questions in Life

and this: The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead

Buy now!  These make great gifts for others if you don’t need them for yourself.


Binational situation: here, there has been a mini-celebration of an American holiday in a nation where it is not a holiday.  I did not behave very much like it is a holiday considering everything.  What we did get here, was another relative came to visit which is really nice.  It doesn’t need to be a holiday, but as adult relatives who otherwise might not spend time together often find times at the holidays, it is really nice to finally have another relative around.

Not much else has happened during the past few days.  It is Autumn in Germany.  I have enjoyed being able to interact with both my mother and my son.

Music and YouTube videos and ‘those two’ are the ‘big stars’ this week, here in a German village beautiful enough to be called ‘a little bit of Saxon Heaven on Earth’.