Halloween 3: I did not expect that to be the case 2013

Astoundingly, when I arrived on 1 November in Indianapolis, Indiana it turned out that Halloween was going on.  The city had a weather problem the day before and rescheduled Halloween because of that.  Due to that, in 2013 I saw children in costumes going around asking for treats for the first time…well, there were a few who did so the first year I was in Germany but it is not so popular there. 

You have probably heard the sayings ‘There is no going back’ and also that ‘You can never step into the same river twice’.  Well, the no going back thing is about the second saying in some cases.  Even being here this long has changed the situation. 

I have missed home and my son and have really liked being back in my native nation in a city in which I lived for 10 years, but I am  not in the right part of town in that, I am not in the part of town with which I have the most experience. 

Halloween 2013

Thanks again to all of you read the blog, share it with friends, etc..  Thanks also to each of you who have bought any of my products. 

Right now, those of you who have been reading regularly know that here in Germany, although they are increasingly aware of Halloween they are not very into it.  Here in Saxony, which may or may not be at all like the rest of Germany, they are into the Harvest season.  As only 15% of Germans live in the countryside, it may be that I am writing to you from an unusual situation, where the local farmers have every reason to celebrate the seasons.

Halloween: being an American who spent most of my life living in the USA – at least at age 45 that is the truth, I learned about it at a young age.  We learned to wear costumes and knock on the doors of those living in our neighborhoods and say “Trick or treat!”  Which really means:  Give us a treat, or we’ll give you a trick.  In reality, it isn’t that nice.  A lot of the days after Halloween, there were eggs smashed against cars, pumpkins that were assaulted by people dissatisfied by the offerings, and other relatively minor harm done by ‘tricks’ dished out by those ‘Trick or Treaters’.  

I was one of the many good kids, who just politely asked for a treat and was grateful.  Where I grew up only in good years was it warm enough out for anyone to see anything of the costumes that wasn’t the head or the feet. 

I went home and had more candy in less time that throughout the entire rest of the year.  Like most kids, I also traded sorted Halloween candy.

As an adult and as a child, in especially fortunate years I either attended or even hostessed-attended an actual Halloween party. 

As a mother, my son has now outgrown Trick or Treating until he becomes a father or escort to some children.  We went out together – one or both of us in costume, for years.  I remember the year he was so grown up he went out without me or his father. 

Whereas my birthday occurs as people are getting back to normal after the Christmas-New Year’s extravaganza, my son just had his birthday as the energy of Halloween is mounting.

Ghost – writer as Halloween approaches 2013

As Halloween approaches, people on North America are busy preparing their costumes and pumpkins.  There is a little Halloween activity in Europe, but nothing like in the USA and Canada.  I don’t know about Mexico: I’m just ignorant about that. 

Ghosts are just one of the common themes for this time of year.  In North Germany, the people still celebrate Harvest – or else it really is just an event that occurs in a few farming villages.  For them, the ghosts are more like the remnants of the harvested fields than anything else.

As it happens, some of my professional experience is as a ghost-writer.  Ghost writing is what happens when someone has a decent idea, but is not going to write it.  It may be that the person is not a good writer, or is just so busy that they don’t have the time needed to devote to writing a book.  When people have the idea and the money to, they can hire a ghost writer. 

At present, I would like people to know that I am available as a ghostwriter.  A full length manuscript is about $13,000, but may be more expensive if I have to a lot of research or travel.  If travel is expected, the hiring person is expected to cover those costs.  People may contact me via LinkedIn, or Facebook, or even through Uranian Fiction for further details.