How Interactive is Blogging? Answering machine level? 2013

First, I’d like to thank both the women who clicked on like or sent me their feedback.  A lot of it was the system doing it – a cyber version of kids being more likely to interact with each other because they attend the same school.  I noticed it, and appreciate it. 

In all honesty, I am not that sure how the blogs spread or how most people use blogs.  I have blogged on this personal & pro level and have blogged for pay – for businesses who paid me.  The joke there is that they paid me to keep my mouth shut – all I mean by that, is that I ghostwrote it without a byline.   Because of all that, I am aware that there is more than one kind of blog reader and that people also read them for various purposes. 

As the title suggests, I wonder how interactive blogging is.  It is not like real time chat, but thanks to events like those described in the first paragraph, it at least as interactive and letters or letters-to-the-editor or maybe, like when people leave messages on answering machines.  That can be good and helpful or bizarre means for giving someone the run around.   I guess, I’m old enough that I feel like I should compare it to some kind of interaction or level of interactivity but it is not only generational. 

Anyone interested could blog a response or leave a comment and then we would have more of a discussion about this.

Irregular Observations 2013

Wow, October has arrived! 

Leaves are blowing in the breezes.

Fruits are on the trees.

Harvest season has begun.

Photos of attractive men have been sent me as Facebook posts.  I found some other ones on YouTube and here and there are some handsome men in daily life.

The trains were running again.

The characters in The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead, like the villain, are not based on any one person – by that I mean that no one of them is based on only one person and some are based more on other fictional characters…in that case it is more like that guy who produced the movie Pulp Fiction – I only remember his name sometimes: I saw an interview with him once and he pointed out how much of he learned was from other fiction stories, movies, and not from real life.  Well, I wasn’t just watching movies when I developed fiction characters for my own novels, but sometimes one character might have come from 1 real person, 2 other fiction novel characters, and one TV character and random ingredients from 6 people I have had as work colleagues.

Sometimes nonsequiter comments make good poetry but other times that doesn’t work so well.

Today, I read two other people’s blog posts, inspired because someone gave feedback at one of mine.  I found one grown woman and the other was a girl.  I worry, because I think we need to be careful about the kids.  So, I found this blog and then realized that was a child’s blog.  Wow.  Changing perceptions of reality. 

My son is nearly an hour late coming to spend time with me at his home with me, which he has had ..He has had a home with me as well as one with his father since he was 9 years old, nearly half a lifetime ago now, in his life.  Unlike many others, the custody deal was 50%.  His father is still pissed off at me for not coming up with 50% of the funding.  Maybe I will pay for more of it later on….if Life every lets me have a good paying job.  He has been having a good paying job, but has then needed to share it to support others. 

There is a desert type of thing in the oven.  It is home made and I did it without a recipe.  It has big chunks of German Northern Sugar in it because that is what it is really like around here.

I have had a couple of hours of sunshine today, and did wear make up. 

Another female’s blog survey for the Liebster Award (that means ‘loved’ in German) asked: are you a tomboy or a girlie girl.  FYI – in reality, I think maybe I am neither but if forced to select from those I would say: tom boy type of girl.  There are many ways one can still tell I’m a woman – thank god/ess for that, including how I get freaked out by certains kinds of male oriented things and ways, but ‘for a girl’ some of the boys or men who do well with me is that they are less freaked out by me, and more at ease due to my tomboy ways.