International Gossip: Canada according to Germany

America Shocked

The USA was shocked the other day when reminded for the umpteenth time by Canada that Germany views them as a perfectly real and rather powerful first world nation.

Canada snubbed?!

The USA then felt embarrassed about being shocked because all of that is sort of ‘safely assumed’ ‘goes without saying’ about what Canada is like.  The USA was confronted by emotions one has when instead of trying to keep up with the Jones, the Jones can’t quite keep up…I mean, fortunately that’s how it seems from the American perspective about Canada….but Canada doesn’t really see it that way.

Canada smooches Germany?!

Canada felt slightly, but not severely nonplussed when the USA offended them again.  Canada took solace in Germany’s 2nd post-WW2 generation of “Not NaZis, but still speaking the German language” kindness and more respectful manner towards them.

Canada snubs the USA

Canada decided to sit next to Germany at the picnic.  Educated Germany can speak enough English and also provides universal health coverage.  Canada shared with Germany the rumor that the USA had a per capita consumption of more than double the rate of the next nearest nation: the big hog of the globe, they said.

Male & Female USA

Male USA pretended to not notice and didn’t believe the rumor.  Male USA felt superior to both Canada and Germany.  Female USA felt embarrassed by male USA but still needs his money and help raising the children.  She realized that the criticism made by Canada and Germany might have some truth to it.

Last words:

In truth, blog readers, I was told that Canada noticed me today, so I wanted to say something to you.


Weekend Blogging: kaleidescopes

Most of  you know about kaleidescopes.  This blog may amount to little else with short fractal comments that amount to some form of quasi-poetic image.

Will Hiddleston end up type cast from having played Loki in the Thor trilogy?  More importantly, has he been forced into an alliance with an unChristian and powerful spiritual force beyond his own control from being in a pagan film?  Does Brad Pitt have a similar problem from having been Thor?!

Celebrity gossip: why do we do it?  In truth, I don’t do it that much…but if I emerge from an unfamous position into some fame, will people gossip about me?  I have heard that Oscar Wilde – I think, wrote that as long as people are talking about one, it is best to be glad.

Yesterday I watched a movie that really impressed me because I felt it proved that both a woman and a man can actually act.  The reason is that I felt they did a good job and at some point realized that I saw this woman who played a waitress, stripper, lover, model and inspiration for a man’s fictional character was the same woman who played Princess Amadala and was the woman physicist in the Thor movie.  Mm, gods, she can actually act!

My 17 year old son and I enjoyed breakfast together in person.  I called him Your Grace again.  I served him breakfast in bed but it was humble peanut butter and nutella (American and German!) in a German village in the Lower Saxony. 

Gawd, did we read way too many history books or watch too many movies – I’m from central New York state, what the H happened to cause me to find myself in a Saxony in the early 21st century.  It seems crazy, without inspecting how this happened. 

There are paintings and small sculptures decorating some of the walls of my little home.  I am really glad because I like art.  What is both good and bad about it, is that I made most of it myself. 

It really impresses me and I am grateful to see more people have discovered this blog.  Right now it may be a little confusing.

I have to do more work on Gezka and Kiel who are science fiction star characters, but The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead and Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them are both for sale right now.  The former is up for pre-sale of a nice hard cover, whereas the latter is a handy soft cover you can even roll it up and stick into your pocket if you have one of those coats with the large spacious side pockets big enough for hats and gloves.