How To Use A Ghostwriter – For Your Business

How To Use A Ghostwriter – For Your Business

How to use a Ghostwriter  -  For Your Business

Your Need

You have a business. It may be online, or brick-n-mortar or both. You have communications that you need written up. Now and then you need some help. Maybe you need help regularly but not enough to provide a full time job to someone. You want to outsource but would like to establish a relationship with whoever helps you meet your writing needs.

You can hire the work out to a writer. Many freelance writers are willing to work as ghostwriters. In these cases, a ghostwriter is not so much a specialist as someone who will simply not have their own name on the finished piece.

You can find these people online or by networking with people who you know on or offline. Ghostwriter Needed is the website of Miriam Pia, who works as both a ghostwriter and author.

Every writer has their limitations. Miriam Pia is not willing to just do your university doctoral thesis for pay. Miriam is not able to write a medical book for a physician without a lot of research and help from the doctor or nurses because she is not a trained medical professional.

Miriam Pia is excellent for books, and for articles. She has written reports and has done some academic writing. She has written online curriculum. she has written for adults and for children but has more experience writing for adults.

Research projects are acceptable, but the less the area is one of experience, the more research is needed. Fees are commensurate with the size and scope of the project and the amount of research involved.

Editing and proof reading services are also available.


Deadlines and schedules need to be discussed during negotiations. If Miriam is not otherwise busy, it is often feasible to get 1000 words or fewer turned around in 24 hours from when the deal is made. Entire books require 1 full year when the author is not too busy.


Rates are dependent upon negotiation. Miriam prefers $0.20/word or better, but has worked for less and would rather work and get paid than get nothing from lack of better paying clients. Flat rates are possible. For example: $50 per article, $15K for a draft of a book.


Please contact Miriam Pia at the Contact page to make your deal, and meet your business’s writing needs.

Thursday, shortly after Christmas 2013

One question is always about ‘narrative voice’ for writers.  This is the case both when it comes to writing nonfiction and fiction.  This issue can be a little complex mainly due to two or three closely related factors.  Finding, nurturing and using one’s unique voice is especially important for singers and writers.  Of course it matters for people in general, but there is a lot of talk about it for singers and writers.

With writers, it is a little trickier in that publications often have their own established style and want their writers to fit in.  Also, ghostwriters may be asked to hide their own voice or to deny that it is themselves, because the ghostwriter is often not the official author.  There are gracious and generous authors who do give their ghostwriter some degree of credit for their help.  Ghostwriting is not authoring because ghostwriters write for a fee some work that he or she would not have written on their own.  A ghostwriter may handle only a small amount of the work or do the vast majority and often it is in between. 

To completely change the subject: many people who have guests in from out of town for this holiday still have them there whereas others have said goodbye.  Either way, the energy has shifted, since most of the Christmas presents for this year have not been given and received and there has been some level of feedback about them. 

Out there somewhere in it all, are the voices of the writers who wrote articles for this season that have appeared throughout the world.  Some wrote the article last Summer, or half a year ago.  Others dug out something years old and managed to sell it to a magazine this year.  There are many that were written this year, shortly before the holiday but more were prepared months in advance than I had ever realized when I was young. 

Somewhere, for people we may or may not know, this week he or she discovered that unique artistic ‘voice’ for the first time.  Maybe it was a poem or a short story or essay or novel, but there it is and the author is transformed.

Congratulations to everyone who has found that creative voice.

Ghost – writer as Halloween approaches 2013

As Halloween approaches, people on North America are busy preparing their costumes and pumpkins.  There is a little Halloween activity in Europe, but nothing like in the USA and Canada.  I don’t know about Mexico: I’m just ignorant about that. 

Ghosts are just one of the common themes for this time of year.  In North Germany, the people still celebrate Harvest – or else it really is just an event that occurs in a few farming villages.  For them, the ghosts are more like the remnants of the harvested fields than anything else.

As it happens, some of my professional experience is as a ghost-writer.  Ghost writing is what happens when someone has a decent idea, but is not going to write it.  It may be that the person is not a good writer, or is just so busy that they don’t have the time needed to devote to writing a book.  When people have the idea and the money to, they can hire a ghost writer. 

At present, I would like people to know that I am available as a ghostwriter.  A full length manuscript is about $13,000, but may be more expensive if I have to a lot of research or travel.  If travel is expected, the hiring person is expected to cover those costs.  People may contact me via LinkedIn, or Facebook, or even through Uranian Fiction for further details.