Books and stories by M. Pia & R.Fitzgerald Jr.

The Future of Engineering – an anthology
This anthology of short science fiction stories is ideal for college students or those who are curious about it. The author originally wrote these while living as a foreign exchange graduate student in London, England. While, definitely science fiction shorts, the ambiance of international academia and college students shines as the background setting.

Jimmy Bodeilo Travels Through Time
This is a single short science fiction story starring Jimmy Bodeilo who is about 11 years old. He appears in more than one story by the same author. To keep it simple “If it is a Jimmy Bodeilo story, then you know it is for kids.”

The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead  This is an urban crime novel.  You can also check out a page at the blog, and read a chapter for free.

The Children of Loki at Using mercenaries in corporate conflict and cross-cultural relationships are the central themes of The Children of Loki. A middle-aged mulatto man from planet Earth discovers his military muse when he comes across one of Emperor Rejkyavik’s organic sentient warriors in The Rim.

Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them In stark contrast to the other works, this is a practical philosophy mini-book.  Is there a God?  What is knowledge? Is morality absolute or relative?  These answers and more are addressed in this short and handy publication.

Just click on the link to purchase any of these.  They are all available at multiple locations.  The books can be ordered at any book store.  The short stories are available to Kindle readers.


Response to Isha Garg’s Art of Knowing Post

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  Isha Garg’s Post While listening to the band above: I went ahead and checked out a few other blogs and posts today.  First, I ran across Cristian Mihai…then moved on to Isha Garg.  I read hers because it was filed under art and I’m both into art/ists and like all the other women and many […]

Sunday ‘Sun daze’? 2013

Once people have been alive for a few years they may develop routine behaviors.  This can be good or bad, depending on other factors.  Many enjoy their Sunday routines and for most of us, in the very long run, they change at least a couple of times. 

During good days – Sunday routines are nice.  During bad times, they can turn into Sundaze: the parents or the kids want it, but someone else in the family doesn’t. …or people had to work that year instead of going to church, or people went to church hung over and felt dazed that way.

Anyway, just felt like acknowledging all of those feelings and kinds of challenges people may be dealing with on any given Sunday.

As for myself, I didn’t make church but did have a really nice brunch and chat with the 18 year old young man (cusp of boy to man, starter man…) this morning.  This one is my only child and only son.  My older brother is an only son but not an only child: big difference.

Freebies and special offers

Freebies and special offers

Hello again, in late January 2019.  Today, there is a little more ‘sharing’.  This time it is that you may look into some online ‘deals’ using the link above.  It just means that we are connected in some way.  I’m not sure which of you out there would be interested.

Included in this shop-a-thon, are this: Five Big Questions in Life

and this: The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead

Buy now!  These make great gifts for others if you don’t need them for yourself.

Movies etc. Nov. 2013

The above is a clip of one of the handsome actors used in a Hollywood movie.  I noticed that starring heroines and heroes are usually gorgeous.  So, instead of: isn’t that amazing that he’s handsome and had a major role in a movie?  It’s more like: well, luckily, he’s handsome enough that they might let him have a good role – as long as he can also really act and whatever else they have to do (which might be a lot, not sure).

Anyway, I plan to see the latest Thor movie that he’s in if I can.  However much I do want people to buy my novel and my books and let me get paid well and to be at least semi-famous, I will probably still like Hollywood action movies even when the grandchildren have to push my wheel chair it’s my once a year outing from the old peoples’ home…and they take me to a big adventure film.  Maybe it will be in 3D in like 2040.  In the 2050s I will really be an elderly woman as long as I live that long.  I hope I have loving friends and get to be happy otherwise I might get really bad and be the old drugged woman who gropes the 30 year old male nurses at the old peoples’ home.  Ugh.