Tilling has begun: Yes, this is different from Mall Neon Light Glare

Many of you have had shopping mall experiences and found that at least once, you felt overwhelmed by the abundance of bright colored lights and noise and shiny rotating trinkets for sale in shop windows. 

Some of you have paid significant sums of money to spend a week somewhere there isn’t an overwhelming abundance of shopping malls. 

There are people who feel ‘in touch with nature’ and people who get uncomfortable about too much ‘naturalness’ because it so closely resembles either baby feces stuff or barbarians or what soldiers are like after having been heavily used in actual war.  All I am really getting at is that I noticed that back in March was still before the farmers started tilling.  Well, that has really changed.  The clocks have been moved ahead.  There is tons more daylight now: it seems like it happened quickly and now dawn arrives at 5am and sunset is out to 9pm shaking off the withdraw-shock of how it feels when it is dark from 3pm to 9am the next day or something hideous and excessive like that.  The country is ‘snapping out of it’ again, and the farmers are actually tilling the local fields …Actually, last week they did a lot of it. 

It’s a walking day in Stedorf

The video above is in English; it is about developing relationships for product launches.  He sounds like he is from the Southern Hemisphere of Earth, but the impression I have is that he is delivering the message from up North. 

Up here in Germany, in the Northern Hemisphere we are having the last week of Winter.  Locally, there has been a surge of what passes for Winter weather around here.  It seems a bit harsh, because we had a few days of Spring weather the week before.  I really noticed this weekend that more locals are getting out for walks – a local custom I approve of and like and am glad is present. 

In other observations:  I think maybe the truth is that there is a small breed of raven, easily confused for crows around here.  I have called them crows but they really have a shape of beak which I have heard indicates ravens.  However, ravens can be as large as eagles and turkeys, so I’ve heard, and these are the size of very large crows; not the giant birds of lore. 

Recently, I realized that some flocks of birds really are just passing through town.  They come and eat from the fields and then carry on their long voyage to wherever.  That kind of activity may be going on wherever you are. I tended to notice it in the USA when it was the Canadian geese, but other than that, I tended to not even notice.  Around here there are no Canadian geese but we have year round birds and other migrating groups. 

The farmers do not seem to be tilling and sowing the fields yet, but they are probably getting the tractor fuel out and cleaning off the machines they will use to do that in the upcoming few weeks.  ‘Gearing up for the new season’.