Writer’s Advice: this depends on which type of writer you are.  If you don’t know trying some can help answer the question.  If you just need it to be a job, that can influence your decision.

Personal Note: Trying to make a living writing for me, personally is difficult but not every writer has this problem.  I even tried to make sure I would have some other good day job and just write on the side, but that ‘side’ was forced center stage circa 2004. 

Cross-cultural: They say Germans are Krauts.  This either means they are cabbages or herbs.  If cabbages I think I now conclude that it is just that they are psychologically more tightly wrapped to themselves for their own safety from the winds of Northern Germany than those who are more loosely packed like the lettuce.  I think maybe they are more like herbs but were just glad that someone learned at least one German word and did not bother to correct the English speaking people.  Krauter tee is a cornerstone of German medicine..Or was in the old days, and so is as much ‘heritage’ as the heavy use of bricks and wind mills.

Southern Germany is mountainous and Northern Germany is flat.  Strangely enough, Indiana is similar in that respect.

Good luck out there, all over the place where you read this.

Personal Day: Nonsequiters

Wow, Christmas Eve! 

Thanks again to everyone who keeps reading this blog.  Be sure to tell your friends about it! 

Reminders about Uranian Fiction and access to more of my creative material: there is work for sale and there are freebies.

Religions and world cultures.  Christmas is mainly a Christian religious holiday and a “European & culturally descended holiday”.  Winter Solstice and Christ’s birth happen consistently around this time.  Hannukah apparently ‘moves’ like Easter and sometimes is conjunct with Christmas or Yule.  Asatru, Druids, Wiccans and people of other other religions who live in Christian nations and real Christians living in nations that are really not officially or culturally predominantly Christian will celebrate ‘if they feel like it’. 

For those who live in Christian nations, they may love, like or feel stifled by all the Christianity and Christmas.  For people living where Christianity is not even close to actually being the dominant or ‘state approved religion’ then, the situation is actually very different and they don’t have the same feeling about it being so overwhelming.

For those living in Christian nations: there are some people who really aren’t Christians and there are Christians who are so judgmental of others that they actually believe that less than 98% of the other Christians they meet are really Christians.

‘Stuff to keep in mind’. 

I have eaten well and have wrapped some presents and emailed the parents today.  The son will arrive after he has a big deal and opens presents ‘the German way’ which is tonight.  Then he will come here, play around then go to sleep and tomorrow morning we will do it the ‘American way’ and he’ll get his presents from me then.  If I wrote this yesterday, I guess I’m getting a little whacky. 

I spent about an hour outdoors today.  No snow drifts here like where I come from gets in the depths of the snowy season, and no Beach Ball like in Australia and South Africa where this holiday occurs during the Summer.  Bikini wax and Christmas presents together: that’s the Southern hemisphere. 

That’s about it for today.  I’m alright but I haven’t socialized much today.  I notice that when other people are with me in person interactively I hardly notice the Internet stuff in certain ways but when I am not dealing with other people in person that much online seems more dramatic.  Ultimately, it is really interactive, however, and it does have as much of an effect as at least some conversations and business transactions.

Cross cultural ignorance

You know, some of the time we are just too right in our negative judgments about other cultures.  Even though that is true, there are also numerous cases where we are totally wrong in our negative judgments of a different culture but don’t know why that is.  The real reasons are hidden from us.  We are so ignorant about the whole reality of the other society that we jump to conclusions which are wrong for where they are but do make sense compared to what it is really like where we find ourselves – in the real world.