The Children of Loki

Ideology & Culture

One theme running through this entire novel is the difference between the native cultures of the main characters.  Over time, their ideological differences are clarified.  The characters relive them during so many of their interactions.  How they influence each other is not the same.

The man from Earth tries as he can to change the foreign military equipment: not a pun, not a slang phrase but an official classification from within her own culture.


Most of us in the real world deal with various subcultures and hear of many more.  The main female character, being the one from over 30LY from our Sol and native planet represents only a subculture.  Through the events of their adventures, the man from Earth slowly learns about how it fits in.

Yin and Yan: most of you have heard of it.  For thousands of years it has been used to represent so many contrasting forces at play within Nature, society and individuals, gender being but one of so many contrasts.

The cultural differences can be rightly interpreted through this lens: the ideologies of each represented society blending the yin and yang of peace and violence, boundaries, and the role of genetic modification in the region.

Heady yet action packed

The Children of Loki is intentionally packed with straightforward adventure for all those who love the military science fiction genre.  The best use of a female 20 something soldier, groomed as a military office who’s made it to Captain just as the story begins, and a 52 year old man with 18 years of experience as a military Sergeant produces spectacular results in this extraordinary tale of protocols and personal freedoms.

Excellence in military tactical knowledge and strategy for the level of field combat is put to use by the astounding power of a free man who takes a leap into the void and starts a business in the form of an independent military Company.


It’s often hard to know which of them really has the upper hand, if there is one, in this action packed escapade of 2 foreign soldiers who meet on a lark.

Either its a fluke of Nature of some god must have put them together…but the forces at work suggest, that if a deity is behind it, it must be that rascal Loki.

If that wets your palate, buy here The Children of Loki

Germany / USA Cross-cultural information December 2013

Coming at this from the American side, most of what I discover about the Germans they already know.  There are some other YouTube videos out there about this.  Some are simple video clip German lessons, often made by exchange students who used some of their free time ‘constructively’ and did things like make language education videos instead of just getting drunk in local bars or staying sober and playing loads of “fooz ball” in the student lounge.  I have watched some of them and found them helpful.

There are some bands that even Americans knew about.  In all my childhood I heard of course about Beethoven, Wagner, Bach, Mozart – all Germans, but of contemporary bands in the rock world:  Nina Hagen, the Scorpions and Einsturzende Neubaten are the only German bands I believe I ever heard of…and two singles that have any German in them at all:  Neuen und neuenzig lufballons, in one song, Alles klar Herr Kommissar / Der Kommisar’s in town – oh yeah, that’s English again.  Anyway, that was “it” for German bands in America in the 1980s and 1990s.  The last time I was there in 2010 and 2013 that hadn’t changed.  There is some polka rumored to have come from Southern Germany.

Up here in Northern Germany they aren’t running around in Lederhosen, and don’t have the giant horns for playing on the sides of mountains. 

The topography of Germany is very much like the American state of Indiana, where there are a lot of Americans with German great grandparents: there are hills and mountains in the South but up North it is flat, flat, flat and a bit windy.  Southern Germany is more mountainous than the South of Indiana and the North of Germany may be even flatter than North Indiana (we may need a level to judge it properly) but both have wind farming nowadays.  North Germany so far 2010 – 2013 seems warmer in the Winter than Indiana but breezier.  The wind is sometimes scary due to how strong it is, which is more encouragement to continue the wind farming. 

The people in Indianapolis, Indiana are pretty friendly and rather direct and straightforward – they say it actually is partly or entirely because so many of the Americans there have German ancestors and so even though they are Americans they act a little more like the Germans than some of the other Americans. 

Where I grew up in Syracuse NY, just South of Lake Ontario, there were a few people who had German great grandparents – mostly “Bavarians” or Southern Germans, but most Americans there have British – English or the Irish, or Italian great grandparents, but at least 50% have mixed, as Americans so a lot of those Americans – where I grew up are 3rd or 4th generation Americans with one English and one German set of great parents and then someone from “God knows where” – Sweden or a town in Denmark or Mexico or Peru or even Wales or the Netherlands. 

Out in Minnesota they say, there are so many Americans who’s great parents are from Norway and Sweden that out there, they still have people called Sven. 

Anyway, that’s America and North Germany “cross cultural points” for today.

Late November – bills, fees, writers, sales, and maybe a little drama 2013

In the USA, a holiday that the Canadians celebrated a version of back in October is about to happen.  The holiday commemorates at least one year when European colonists survived the year thanks to the help of some natives, making it a cross-cultural success story and a life rather than death story. 

Over in Germany this is not a holiday.  Germanic tribes have either remained stable or have pushed one another around, with only limited success for the thousands of years that people have lived there.  Nowadays, they do really have a problem though because their politics and economics have caused German women to be able to avoid pregnancy and to have become aversive of it.  Luckily, there are many German women who will be mothers but on the whole the Germans have been lowering their total population of natives.  This problem was already real back when You Know Who gained political power. 

At the same time, the government has been importing people to abuse for lack of German skills with low paying jobs and some are much happier with German culture than their native one.  Much of Western Europe encourages Turkish immigration.  The nations are allies on the military level.  On a personal level, beyond that I don’t know why other than that people who have a higher tolerance for men and women having sex with more than one person might like Germany better than Turkey.  Not that that’s any of my business.  I don’t think that’s the real motive behind the immigration policies but who knows.

The month is ending.  Either I will find and spend more money to make it so that you can still see the blue background with the pretty black swirly things or else it will suddenly go back to what it was like before.

Forgive me for lapses in blogging.  For the past few weeks I have missed my son and being able to be home at my own place but have really enjoyed being interacted with way more and much more easily and to spend time with some friends in the USA and to meet more people.  I’ve seen sold some copies of the little self-help philosophy booklet Five Big Questions in Life. 

Stereotypes: Germany & the USA etc

Recently I Facebooked a little bit about stereotypes.  I did have some stereotypes about Germans.  I assume that the Germans probably had some about Americans.  Most stereotypes have a grain of truth but do not apply thoroughly to the whole of a culture or people. 

Of course, the scary evil dark side of the Germans is the old 20th century WW stuff: dangerous people shouting a harsh sounding language…and something about NaZis and Jew genocide.  That’s the worst of it.

The less bad but still pretty bad?  No sense of humor, and they try to take all of Europe whenever they find the strength for it.  Still, that same rough language: one that doesn’t sound nice.  They believe in working all the time and are fanatical about punctuality to the point of being ‘politically dangerous’. 

The medium level stereotypes which are a little weird but not depressing or aggravating:  They work all the time.  They over engineer everything.  They are fanatics about detail.  Thorough to the point of a fault.  Weird language with grammar so complex, most of them can’t speak it properly – even with a good education.  For example: one of the few people who could actually use German correctly in the whole of the 19th century was GWF Hegel and almost no one can understand him, partly because he’s brilliant but partly because he made use of the ins and outs of high German grammar. 

They did not take naturally to democracy, and even 1300 years after the arrival of the Christian (and Jewish) message, they still doubt it and either ignore it as if they have lost interest or act like they’re still kicking the tyres – so to speak, to see if they want it. 

Here’s another stereotype of Germans:  this one is Southern: leather trousers in the Alps and yodelling…some lady with the tops of her breasts overflowing her blouse – even though she is at work, and BEER BEER BEER. 

How the ‘they work all the time’ and ‘BEER BEER BEER’ both happen…well…they’re a bit crazy.

Every culture is a bit insane, …I think most countries and cultures have a lot of sanity, but certain forms of dysfunction which are unique to the culture. 

I don’t know that much about stereotypes of Americans.  I heard that Americans are rumored to live on fast food and that back around 1970 some people thought all the Americans were rich, which wasn’t ever the truth, but we do try.  I heard that the English told their young “Don’t go to America; you will get shot.”  That’s really what it’s like there…so, apparently everyone has a gun and is trigger happy.

I had the feeling that in some nations, the Americans might all be believed to be whores.

Stereotypes of Americans abroad:  I think the one I most expect is the loud working class couple who forces American cash on the foreign waiters and only speak English.  If you don’t; it’s on you, not on the Americans.