Online Locations for writers & readers

Let’s face it, if we have been needing to use online systems and services then we have learned to make some adjustments for this.  One factor that has come up for me is that I have searched for both readers – always hoping to find those who will actually buy books and short stories etc. that I have written and feel good doing it, as well as finding other people.  Finding other writers has also been a relevant matter. 

Like everyone, especially extroverts, I also like people.  Compared to most extroverts I am really not so much like that, but compared to most genuine introverts I am outgoing and friendly.  If you have heard of Meyers Briggs the truth is that in 1989 I tested as extremely introverted but in 1996 after I had the baby I tested out as definitely but only mildly extroverted.  Well, there you go.

Now, today, I wanted to tell you about Crime Space.  In fact, this blog post may be destined to appear over there.  Crime Space is fortunately not for committing crimes online but is actually for fans of crime fiction.  If you read mysteries and thrillers and read or watch other crime stories you would probably like it there.  This is especially true if you are a fan who would like to connect with the authors of such works.  The location is not set up for children but it is great for authors and fans and even publishers to meet and mingle.  In that respect it is the closest thing to a live convention that I have found online.