Wow, thanks! and links to ‘my books’.

Wow, one of you actually asked for information on how to buy the books.  Thanks to your having bothered to comment, I can respond here.
Here:  for the little self help booklet:

For the urban crime fiction novel…There is a rougher version you can get as a Kindle book through as An Adventure in Indianapolis.  Also, for a much neater, more edited hard copy…  Here is a website.

Please let me know what results you get.  I want to make sure people get the book.  I can also get you a PDF less edited version without a professional cover through Uranian 

I do worry over that novel because weir events have occurred with it in the past and I’m trying to avoid ripping anyone off or anything like that.  If you place an order and do not receive the book within 2 weeks please let me know and we will work something out.



You may have heard that everything is temporary even if it seems permanent.  I have found that so far in my life that sometimes makes sense and other times really doesn’t.  There are times and ways in which I felt like change is fun and to be embraced but other times I find it terrifying and unnerving and do not like it, especially when it means me losing something or some relationships which I treasure. 

Sometimes change is subtler.  It is the transformation that occurs as interaction.  When we breathe we interact with the environment.  Likewise, when we listen, or share and tell or do – transformation occurs in minds as well as through the means of breathing and muscular motions. 

This evening I was reminded of this because I ventured forth to the Bremen Expat Meet Up group for the first time in months.