Mädchen 2

This evening’s blog is an informal movie review.  Here in this part of Germany now, the movie industry has obviously felt the force of the Americans, with Hollywood films now dominating the racks at the library.  Even so, there are still ‘real German movies’ and Bollywood and other foreign films.  I have seen two Chinese movies, and a Bollywood film and many American movies and at least 10 German movies since I moved here.

This time, I watched Mädchen Mädchen, which is a comedy starring 4 young women as they confront the adventure of romance or the longing for it.  They are contemporary – meaning that they at least try working for pay and are educated and all of that.  They share a flat as none of them can afford to go it alone.

I did not understand everything that was said but liked it anyways.  That being said I did not have my ‘harsh critic’ hat on at the time.