Boxing Day 2018

Back to work already?

Today, while going about my business I came across some people who were already back at work after the holiday.  I was a little surprised by some of what they told me.

The reason I was surprised was simply because I am the kind of person who genuinely loves having time with relatives and friends at the holiday.  I’m sure I’m one of hundreds of millions of people who feel the same way.  However, I am happy to report that some of the people who were already back at work felt pretty okay or even better about being there.  It was just that I had expected that either they would feel as if they had to lie to me about it, or that most of the people who worked today would have been miserable about not having had more time to enjoy their relatives and friends.

Christmas Day

Due to my personal preferences and stage in life and spiritual interest, I actually spent almost the entire day on Jesus.  Again, I’m sure that my being actively oriented that way at the religious holiday commemorating Jesus’s birth is something that hundreds of millions of people around the world also did, but for me it was somewhat special because it was voluntary and I did it that much more than I have done most years so far in my life.

If you did to, I hope you felt wonderful about it.

Good wishes

This is just to wish you all well, and hope that you are either continuing to enjoy what Christmas does to your life and the lives of those you love, or that you are glad that the craziness has already passed you by.

Today’s Comments

Duh factor

Today I have had a “duh factor” event.  “Duh” as many of you know, is a common Americanism in which something stupid happened, or someone finally has a realization that makes him or her feel temporary stupidity.

My “Duh factor event” today was that I finally found the notifications here at the blog and therefore finally read your comments.  Due to what happened, I apologize to all of you who responded to me weeks ago without my having even realized that you had bothered to reply, especially since your acknowledgement is part of what keeps me going with blogging.  Aside from that, thank you everyone who read a post, liked it and bothered to respond in some tangible manner.  Most of you also know that however much we try to believe the “stats” we are all justifiably suspicious that somehow the information exchange feedback is not entirely accurate.

After the Duh

In reality, like so many of you, I seem to “get” some aspects of how to use this technology very easily but not “getting” the whole thing, or all aspects of how to make the best use of online systems all at once.

While living in Germany, there were at least 6 months when I learned and figured out something new about how to get around online every day.  Other times, I don’t learn at that pace.

Also like most of the rest of you, when I go to do something only to discover that I have to learn a lot just to do it, I sometimes get a little freaked out and try to learn as rapidly as possible.  During such times, I often get somewhat worked up and easily frustrated with myself for not already knowing how to.


Today is just today.  I perused around a little bit, wondering if I would easily find great inspiration for a new blog post.  I don’t feel that much as if I did.

Despite that, I wanted to make some attempt to connect with whoever reads this, inspired by the recent increase in traffic and feedback, according to the stats.

This Christmas

For me personally, the saddest aspects of this Christmas are that I am not going to be able to include in person: my husband, my son, and maybe not my father and his wife and 2nd wife (now an ex, but the live out stepmother of most of my childhood with whom I am still in touch).  The thing is that the reason I can’t include my husband is sordid, and weird.  In truth, I was last married in 2005.  I finally nearly got remarried in 2016.  I won’t go into it further aside from sharing with you that I am very glad my ex-husband is alive and having reasonably good luck being married to someone other than me, although I would have preferred for him to succeed at being my husband rather than someone else’s for 5 decades of more instead.  Still, I strongly prefer this to either of us being dead.  The rest of them, I just have the problem of suffering from limitations of transportation or funding for transportation.

The best news for me about this Christmas is that I will be able to spend time in person with my mother.  I am old enough to be very grateful that my parents are still alive and lucid.  My mother is in excellent condition for her age, and my father is in ok condition sort of for his age.  They are in their 80s.  As well as that, I was able to get my son some presents, about which I am very grateful and happy.  He is an adult now, by the way.

To the rest of you, I hope that you find a happiness during this time o year, whether you have a religious epiphany or a spiritual breakthrough or even just a good time with relatives….Kind words between you and your mother-in-law for example, or forgiveness between siblings.

God bless you this Christmas.


Personal Day: Nonsequiters

Wow, Christmas Eve! 

Thanks again to everyone who keeps reading this blog.  Be sure to tell your friends about it! 

Reminders about Uranian Fiction and access to more of my creative material: there is work for sale and there are freebies.

Religions and world cultures.  Christmas is mainly a Christian religious holiday and a “European & culturally descended holiday”.  Winter Solstice and Christ’s birth happen consistently around this time.  Hannukah apparently ‘moves’ like Easter and sometimes is conjunct with Christmas or Yule.  Asatru, Druids, Wiccans and people of other other religions who live in Christian nations and real Christians living in nations that are really not officially or culturally predominantly Christian will celebrate ‘if they feel like it’. 

For those who live in Christian nations, they may love, like or feel stifled by all the Christianity and Christmas.  For people living where Christianity is not even close to actually being the dominant or ‘state approved religion’ then, the situation is actually very different and they don’t have the same feeling about it being so overwhelming.

For those living in Christian nations: there are some people who really aren’t Christians and there are Christians who are so judgmental of others that they actually believe that less than 98% of the other Christians they meet are really Christians.

‘Stuff to keep in mind’. 

I have eaten well and have wrapped some presents and emailed the parents today.  The son will arrive after he has a big deal and opens presents ‘the German way’ which is tonight.  Then he will come here, play around then go to sleep and tomorrow morning we will do it the ‘American way’ and he’ll get his presents from me then.  If I wrote this yesterday, I guess I’m getting a little whacky. 

I spent about an hour outdoors today.  No snow drifts here like where I come from gets in the depths of the snowy season, and no Beach Ball like in Australia and South Africa where this holiday occurs during the Summer.  Bikini wax and Christmas presents together: that’s the Southern hemisphere. 

That’s about it for today.  I’m alright but I haven’t socialized much today.  I notice that when other people are with me in person interactively I hardly notice the Internet stuff in certain ways but when I am not dealing with other people in person that much online seems more dramatic.  Ultimately, it is really interactive, however, and it does have as much of an effect as at least some conversations and business transactions.

Yikes – what happened?

[looks flustered] Sorry all of you about last night – your yesterday if you are in North America.  In truth, I hardly used the Internet at all compared to some days and then I became engrossed with other activities.  I remembered when I went to bed, but decided to hold off on blogging again until the next day.  I felt bad about it only because it gives me so much hope that you are reading this and that more than one of you are a fairly regular or very consistent reader.

What I can tell you is that I actually really worked on a Gezka & Kiel novel.  This is easy in some ways and very challenging in other ways because in actual fact I wrote the first 2 drafts of this novel when I was 20 to 22 years old.  I will now turn 45 in just 3 weeks and I am still needing to get these novels out.  I attribute the majority of the delay to my communication problems – asking for help from funders, and to the devastation of my first big experience with cohabitation and marriage.  That relationship being ruined destabilized my life terribly.  What I can tell you is that all I did was manage to quit smoking cigarettes for a few days and all Hell began to break loose.

Today, my son is here.  We are between Christmas and New Year’s.  I have not completely learned how Germans open and close stores in relation to these holidays.  Yesterday I went out thinking maybe they had reopened, but they had not.  However, I know that they will be open some of the days between these holidays but don’t know.  In truth, the obvious thing to do is either go out exploring and find out or knock on a neighbor’s door and ask and learn it.  This is one of those situations where I feel a little awkward because even though that is clearly the correct answer, I probably will not even handle it that way.

Yesterday I did read in German, but it was literally a tiny children’s book about hedgehogs.  I have learned more, and have devised a fairly practical self-education program.  When I have learned enough of it, I will sign up to take the government’s test for a specific level.  I have learned the TELC language level codes.  Before 2011 or so, I did not know that.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.  Learning how and where to provide talks and book signings here in Germany to market the books should be both fun and challenging.  English books for sale by American author who speaks conversational level German but isn’t really fluent.  [strange smile, but not as bad as the one Wednesday Addams had to find after having been subjected to like 18 hours of Disney films in the Happy Hut for having been a downer to the other campers and staff at Summer Camp].

Chaos Blog Post

This post is not pre-planned.  It is actually Christmas.  The people who care are Christians and people who live in Christian nations who are culturally conditioned to celebrate Christmas.

This year I would like to share with you the same way I shared with my 17 year old.  We know this is Jesus Christ’s official birthday.  The real reason he was born in a manger is because his parents did not make reservations and the town they went to was packed for the Census.  Given that Jesus was born, he may have been counted in the Census.  In 2012, I believe a baby being born during the Census, especially if it is within 2 days of when the Census takers come around…back in 2010 the USA had another Census…it was that.  He was born just in time to be counted.

As an aside note…another benefit of the simple fact that I read more of The Bible this past year….He and John the Baptist were cousins.  The mothers spent a few months together during their pregnancies.  It is just that until I read about that, I had been oblivious of the obvious connection.

According to scripture the method for showing Jesus your personal love is the same for all: practice the old Jewish 10 Commandments and then on top of all that, practice JC’s teachings.  From the perspective of a mushy Pooh bear hugging young child that seems really abstract…It is a lot if someone says “If you love me obey the law.”  It is OK, and I understand he meant it, and those who practice the teachings reap the benefits of doing so,…I assume over 1 billion people do a good job practicing Christianity daily and that leaves another billion Christians not doing as well but still making some effort to practice.  Think about that in practical terms.  When 2 billion people abide by a set of behavior standards daily it makes a difference.  It is just planet Earth but every little drop in the bucket adds up to the oceanic effect, so to speak.

Merry Christmas.