Current Chat: SF film festival, Chernobyl radiation, etc.

Here at home in a German village there have been lots of movies.  There is still a problem receiving the satellite service we have been paying for over a year, but there is video available.   These past few days have been X-Men and some Star Trek…Next Gen style Trek.

Generational markers:  I am old enough to have watched lots of re-runs of the original Star Trek and my lover and I used to argue about whether or not to watch Next Gen even though our toddler was in the room.  That toddler, now a teen vaguely recognizes Next Gen Trek and has managed to hear of the original Star Trek but isn’t really “pre-Internet like that”.   For his generation that whole Soviet Cold War Giant Wall in Germany is like a ghost or like a nothing that is still so alive in the memories of older people who lived it that he knows it was real but it was all over before he was born.

The nuclear accident last year, won’t be going away but will be moving on just like everything else…meanwhile, do check out  Unfortunately that is pretty much the truth.

In fiction: the bad news is that Erik, aka Magneto just got worse despite growing more powerful – I had hoped he would heal and keep some power, so that proved to be disappointing.  The good news is that in the Star Trek film, Commander Data saved the Enterprise, even from the Borg – apparently, due to being a unique but synthetic entity and attractive to the borg’s  Queen Bee, so to speak.