Thursday, shortly after Christmas 2013

One question is always about ‘narrative voice’ for writers.  This is the case both when it comes to writing nonfiction and fiction.  This issue can be a little complex mainly due to two or three closely related factors.  Finding, nurturing and using one’s unique voice is especially important for singers and writers.  Of course it matters for people in general, but there is a lot of talk about it for singers and writers.

With writers, it is a little trickier in that publications often have their own established style and want their writers to fit in.  Also, ghostwriters may be asked to hide their own voice or to deny that it is themselves, because the ghostwriter is often not the official author.  There are gracious and generous authors who do give their ghostwriter some degree of credit for their help.  Ghostwriting is not authoring because ghostwriters write for a fee some work that he or she would not have written on their own.  A ghostwriter may handle only a small amount of the work or do the vast majority and often it is in between. 

To completely change the subject: many people who have guests in from out of town for this holiday still have them there whereas others have said goodbye.  Either way, the energy has shifted, since most of the Christmas presents for this year have not been given and received and there has been some level of feedback about them. 

Out there somewhere in it all, are the voices of the writers who wrote articles for this season that have appeared throughout the world.  Some wrote the article last Summer, or half a year ago.  Others dug out something years old and managed to sell it to a magazine this year.  There are many that were written this year, shortly before the holiday but more were prepared months in advance than I had ever realized when I was young. 

Somewhere, for people we may or may not know, this week he or she discovered that unique artistic ‘voice’ for the first time.  Maybe it was a poem or a short story or essay or novel, but there it is and the author is transformed.

Congratulations to everyone who has found that creative voice.

Sunday ‘Sun daze’? 2013

Once people have been alive for a few years they may develop routine behaviors.  This can be good or bad, depending on other factors.  Many enjoy their Sunday routines and for most of us, in the very long run, they change at least a couple of times. 

During good days – Sunday routines are nice.  During bad times, they can turn into Sundaze: the parents or the kids want it, but someone else in the family doesn’t. …or people had to work that year instead of going to church, or people went to church hung over and felt dazed that way.

Anyway, just felt like acknowledging all of those feelings and kinds of challenges people may be dealing with on any given Sunday.

As for myself, I didn’t make church but did have a really nice brunch and chat with the 18 year old young man (cusp of boy to man, starter man…) this morning.  This one is my only child and only son.  My older brother is an only son but not an only child: big difference.

Author website leads to awesome novel about invisible drug pins in Indpls

Author website leads to awesome novel about invisible drug pins in Indpls

That first link connects you directly to a means of buying a great novel.  Not only do you get a fantastic read, but you know you are supporting an artist.  “Living the dream” only works when there are plenty of customers.

Anyways, everyone hates that stressed out desperate sales person – have you ever seen that?  I have.  There are sales people who carefully get people what they want or need, ones who make other people buy – regardless of whether it is right or wrong, and people who are afraid of getting others to buy anything. 

Let’s recap here on places you can find my work online.  – this is my first attempt at ‘branding myself’.  I’m not sure how many of you are into the development of professionals over time, but that’s one that I made up rather than what the publisher came up with.  This link offers more writing samples, including my original graduate school research.  This was a situation where I was trying to make something more co-ed, but the status quo seemed to want to make me have it be ‘for women only’ which was not at all what I wanted or intended for it.  I feel screwed up about that, because if I had been comfortable with the idea of the whole thing being just for women, I would have been happier with the results and had an unquestionably Master’s rather than a politically divisive Postgraduate Diploma with MA offered.  That’s just one of the varied and sundry samples there.  I have continued to be active but the content there hasn’t changed much during the past couple of years. 

Urban crime fiction set in Middle America

Urban crime fiction set in Middle America

Who is reading ebooks these days?  More people every day.  Do you have a Kindle?  If so, then you can use it to find a clever adventurous tale of how a city saves itself from itself – in a sense.  Maybe you don’t think that way – a lot of the time, I don’t either.  Every location has its own good and bad points.  Every fiction story relies on something connected to reality in some way – the connection may be thin or weak, but it is still there. 

Real life is about team work despite how competitive life can be.  That truth is high lighted in An Adventure in Indianapolis aka The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead.  Those who like group efforts will enjoy the unconventional approach in this novel.  There is not just one sleuth.  It really takes all 4 people to solve the crime, and they are working with others. 

If you’re interested, but don’t want to use an ebook reader, please pre-order yours from Alethia Publishing now: