What is the best way to live? 2013

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 5 of Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them.

This is another of the most famous and important philosophical questions that exists. In fact, some of the different philosophers can be organized according to which of the Big 5 Questions they answer and deal with.

This one involves some of the most intense personal practice that anyone can do. For hands on people who like to take action, dealing with this question is very fulfilling. One looks around and sees that there is more than one way to live. People live differently for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons involve matters we have control over and other factors are beyond our control.

The best way to live is normally influenced by what natural and social forces seem to govern. Our gender, our age and our cultural identity all influence how we view the world, what our needs and expectations are and how we operate. Within the limitations placed upon us by those factors most of us find that we still have room to maneuver – there is some element of choice somewhere in our life.

Both religion and politics are involved here. Some people are born in nations where they have the free choice to move to many other countries of the world. Others are not. For those that do have that freedom, then they may choose to live in part by which type of politics they prefer. They may select a place where they feel they have the best economic chances. They may choose their preferred climate.

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