Uranian Fiction – Ideas about ‘branding’

Uranian Fiction – Ideas about ‘branding’

Good to have you reading ‘me’ again today!  The weather here is above freezing.  A baked good is in the oven – as well as being the Mother Mim to a 17 year old with a starter moustache [like the protagonist in the movie Eragon] I’ve also been making efforts to grow some kind of career.  The link above is about that.  As mentioned before, without readers, it doesn’t really matter if someone writes a good story….at least, it doesn’t matter as much or the same way. 

Uranian Fiction is an attempt to ‘brand’ myself.  Given what has happened so far from coming up with it, I wonder whether or not it is a good idea.  It was chosen mainly because it felt right and sounded good: similar to what rock bands do. 

Are artists ever branded?  No, not the way cattle are, but the way people buy brand names.  You know, Sherlock Holmes is playing here at home and off hand, I suddenly wonder if there are acting professionals who feel like a given production company has taken them over.  Much like marriage it could be good or bad or both – depending on the situation. 

My apologies if this is coming across as a bit too flaky today.  I’m going to end with an extremely brief poem:

Humidity brings out elves Wherever there is enough forest – or at least moss

German dairy cattle

A car


Sore muscles

A goat.