Books and stories by M. Pia & R.Fitzgerald Jr.

The Future of Engineering – an anthology
This anthology of short science fiction stories is ideal for college students or those who are curious about it. The author originally wrote these while living as a foreign exchange graduate student in London, England. While, definitely science fiction shorts, the ambiance of international academia and college students shines as the background setting.

Jimmy Bodeilo Travels Through Time
This is a single short science fiction story starring Jimmy Bodeilo who is about 11 years old. He appears in more than one story by the same author. To keep it simple “If it is a Jimmy Bodeilo story, then you know it is for kids.”

The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead  This is an urban crime novel.  You can also check out a page at the blog, and read a chapter for free.

The Children of Loki at Using mercenaries in corporate conflict and cross-cultural relationships are the central themes of The Children of Loki. A middle-aged mulatto man from planet Earth discovers his military muse when he comes across one of Emperor Rejkyavik’s organic sentient warriors in The Rim.

Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them In stark contrast to the other works, this is a practical philosophy mini-book.  Is there a God?  What is knowledge? Is morality absolute or relative?  These answers and more are addressed in this short and handy publication.

Just click on the link to purchase any of these.  They are all available at multiple locations.  The books can be ordered at any book store.  The short stories are available to Kindle readers.


Tool’s 10,000 Days

Age 27 years, I believe = 10,000 days of life experience. Like everyone else, I’m taking it day by day.

Perhaps there will be more posts about works I’m promoting. I have mixed emotions about self promotion. All successful artists do it a lot. When anyone wants me or my work, like everyone else, I like it. When people buy my stuff – at my present stage of development I take it personally in a good way. I feel like it means you really care: by The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead, or Five Big Questions in Life and show you actually care.

I am acutely aware, like everyone else is, that all promotional material and advertising is somehow as offensive when unwanted or undesired as it is loved when it is actually wanted. In that respect, it is a bit like romantic or sexual contact. Because of that, I feel …like that about it. I want my creative works to really sell and to be bought by those who will most like them…I don’t really want to sell them to those who will be grossed out.

Thanks for understanding!

Free excerpt: The Children of Loki

Excerpt from The Children of Loki

He gave her a weird smile and said, “I’m Kiel Bronson, but maybe you had better call me Sergeant.”

She gave him a weird look right back.  “I see you’re not the enemy,” she said.

He chuckled, but she could hear the fear in his voice.  “That’s right, soldier.  I’m an Earthling.  Have you met an Earthling before?”

“No,” she said.  It was the truth.  “Well, I did meet you last night, so yes.”

“OK,” he said.  He was certain now, that he was more than twice her age, even though she was an adult.  It still made him uncomfortable at times, to realize how old he really was, but there was a lot about it that he liked.  One thing for sure, was both the good and the bad of it: he had a lot more life experience than anyone her age.

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